Saturday, November 17, 2012

Story Post: Mark: The School Run

I need someone to go and sell some drugs to some teenagers. You should be able to find some at Bad City University.

The mark requires: Access to a Lab with narcotics of at least 1; Access to a car with a Chassis of at least 4; Access to at least $75 (which is not spent, as I’ll reimburse you, but you need to able able to make change).

Reward: A v8 engine, worth $110; $80 in cash.



17-11-2012 19:55:41 UTC

I need two more wise guys for this thing. Way I figure it, Bert and Charlie got $100 each, I cut keys and they buy me a couple body kits. We take the rest of their $ plus mine, stop by my lab on the way to campus. Bert gets the engine, Charlie gets the cash, I keep the boosted car and we all come out ahead.

Whaddya mean, what if it goes south? Ain’t gonna go south, on account of we’re all professionals. But if it does, then Bert can have the lab and Charlie can have the car. See, that’s what a leader does, takes responsibility. Only a snotnosed punk would change the locks and play dumb about it, and besides, Bert and Charlie would just rat me out to the fuzz anyhow.

Kevan: he/him

18-11-2012 11:57:07 UTC

No dice, Murphy - Bob only has one body kit on his shelves. Unless you can ditch the ride and snag something better today, the Turtle is looking like a better bet right now, if he’s up for a little work.

Kevan: he/him

19-11-2012 15:50:48 UTC

So does “The Mastermind should then resolve the Job within 48 hours” kick in 48 hours after the Mark is announced or (I think, from a literal reading), 48 hours after someone “attempt[s] to do a Job by each individually PMing the Mastermind”? Has anyone done that yet?


19-11-2012 22:34:23 UTC

No one could have because no one has a car with a chassis of 4


20-11-2012 08:55:25 UTC

We could’ve fixed yours up with a body kit.  Ah well, maybe the next mark will be easier.  (Someone at Bad City U must’ve embezzled their road repair fund.)

Josh: he/they

09-12-2012 18:44:51 UTC

This Mark has failed.