Sunday, December 29, 2013

Ascension Address: Marooned

A man comes to, lying on his stomach on a cold metal floor. He looks around and sees himself surrounded by unconscious strangers. Wait, no, this is a corridor of a ship, and those are some of his fellow crewmembers. They are starting to stir, as well. He gets up, and moseys over to the end of the hall, which is a gaping hole instead of the door it should have been. A verdant expanse stretches out to the horizon. It dawns on him that he must be crashed on a foreign planet, albeit luckily an inhabitable one. As he is joined by his comrades, he wracks his brain to remember what happened. This effort is interrupted by a fellow, speaking up to remind everyone that they should work on establishing shelter. A quick query reveals that noone has any recollection of what happened. The following silence is broken by the captain, who begins to organize efforts to establish supplies and shelter.

Rename Oligarch to Survivor and Despot to Captain.


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