Monday, December 13, 2010

Story Post: Meddling with Johnny Generic

Johnny ages rapidly as he is blown sky-high by the gas explosion lit by the Divinity Consus.  He finally lands on firm ground, an older man and wiser.  But as he walks towards home, eager to greet Ma and Pa again, he notices a dog-specific well and peers inside.  There, at the bottom of the well, Johnny sees the worm-eaten remains of his faithful collie Sassie.  Nibbles the squirrel sits on a branch above Johnny and eyes him with a very cheeky look.  A tear drips down Johnny Generic’s face as he considers how he may best honor the legacy and sacrifice of Sassie.  He lifts his eyes heavenward and prays for guidance.

Johnny is vulnerable to the Material and Ephemeral spheres.



13-12-2010 06:05:23 UTC

As Johnny mourns by his faithful collie’s deathtrap, he notices the ghost of Sassie sniffing his crotch.  “What is it, boy?” asks the mourner, and Sassie’s spirit barks out the story of how he asked Nibbles for help, and how Nibbles refused.  As anger surges through him, Johnny notices a poisonous herb growing by the side of the well.  He stuffs several leaves inside a nearby acorn, and tosses the nut to the rude squirrel.  Nibbles grabs the acorn, devours it, and immediately keels over dead.  Johnny is Uplifted.


13-12-2010 09:17:35 UTC

I heard that Johnny is planning to move out now that he is old enough. I Uplift him by sending him some lovely door hinges for his new home.


13-12-2010 11:38:48 UTC

Matuta taps Johnny on the back reassuring him all is ok. Johnny is uplifted and Matuta does not change Prominence.


13-12-2010 15:58:14 UTC

Unfortunately for Johnny, the well suddenly collapses, and Johnny experiences the height of torment when he realizes that he will never be able to give Sassie a proper burial.


13-12-2010 17:05:03 UTC



13-12-2010 18:18:24 UTC

I uplift Johnny bys ending in snow to form a white blanket on Sassie’s grave.

Darknight: he/him

14-12-2010 06:44:30 UTC



14-12-2010 17:03:40 UTC

Meddling is ended. Darknight/ Sors is now Johnny’s Patron, and coppro/ Mors is Johnny’s Nemesis.  Johnny’s legacy should be set to Sors.

Darknight: he/him

15-12-2010 01:42:18 UTC

anyone else laugh over how me and Coppro’s god names rhyme and we got both spots with Johnny?


15-12-2010 12:42:25 UTC