Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Mission Hand-in: Establish a Dig Site

Dear members of the Geographic Society,

Be it known that I have established a dig site at a great southern latitude. All hail science! I have completed the mission “Establishing a dig site”. The participants are “Orkboi”.



14-06-2017 22:50:33 UTC

As I commented on the other Mission Hand-in for this Mission, I believe Sphinx may STAMP both Hand-ins; if they do, then you should receive the reward twice.


15-06-2017 05:00:15 UTC

of course they could opt to stamp only one of the hand-ins.


15-06-2017 16:19:30 UTC

I think that’d be pretty arbitrary for me to withhold the reward for no reason and I think it’s a legit loophole, so…


15-06-2017 16:21:26 UTC



15-06-2017 21:58:52 UTC

We can always CFJ it if there’s any controversy.

If in doubt, you could STAMP it and then CFJ against your own STAMPING. Then consensus can decide if there should be a STAMP or not.


16-06-2017 16:54:46 UTC

I could do that, but I’d rather someone else does it, if anyone feels it is a pressing issue because I don’t.