Wednesday, July 21, 2021

Proposal: Mobile Monsters

Self-killed. Failed by Brendan.

Adminned at 22 Jul 2021 17:36:56 UTC

Add the following Feature to the list of Threats in the rule “Features”, directly after “Richardo von Nestor loses all of his equipped Items.”:

If any exist, a random Crypt Denizen whose Sycophancy is a Vampire Lord with a sigil in this room changes its location to this room; if the selected Denizen is Quick, Richardo encounters it now. (+2)

Add the following Denizen Trait to the list in the rule “Denizen Characteristics”, maintaining alphabetical order:

* Slithering: All Ordinary Rooms count as orthogonally adjacent for the purposes of Slithering Denizens that are Roaming or chosen as a part of the Moving Denizens Power Action. (+1)


Clucky: he/him

21-07-2021 01:20:04 UTC

That first one seems really strong. Brendan would be able to use it to always summon the stair muncher.


21-07-2021 02:22:22 UTC

That first one also seems really long; this has to go into the table on the blog sidebar, which is already fairly unreadable as it is. Probably it should have a definition in the ruleset somewhere, and refer to that definition, rather than trying to write the whole thing out. But I agree with Clucky that I’d probably vote against it regardless.

Slithering doesn’t seem as overpowered, but it could do with wording improvements: it’s ambiguous whether a Slithering Denizen can move into a room next to the entrance as a consequence of Roaming, and if it can and does, it would then only be able to move orthogonally whether than being able to move anywhere.

lemon: she/her

21-07-2021 02:57:17 UTC

@ais523 rooms next to the entrance are not ordinary & denizens can’t roam or move to them normally, so i don’t see how this wording, which also specifies only ordinary rooms, causes any ambiguity w/ regards to that?


21-07-2021 03:34:12 UTC

a) you’re right, but b) I assumed you were wrong because there’s a Denizen in Room BA right now. Presumably it got there while the entrance was set to be somewhere else?

It’s still weird that a Slithering Denizen that ends up next to the entrance (due to the entrance moving behind it) can’t move just anywhere from there, though (although I guess that under the current rules, a Denizen that’s sitting on the starting location can’t move at all).

Josh: he/they

21-07-2021 07:29:40 UTC

The new effect feels like it’s just going to make murder holes even more murdery

Josh: he/they

21-07-2021 07:30:27 UTC

On the other hand, having a few more actually dangerous denizens about instead of just having mobile puissance generators might be good

Josh: he/they

21-07-2021 12:04:40 UTC

imperial Not no-vote but I don’t have an opinion. This obvs doesn’t work well with Daywalkers but it doesn’t have to…

Clucky: he/him

21-07-2021 16:02:12 UTC

against cause I feel like its too strong to summon your murder denizen to your murder trap and get like 20 influence from it

Brendan: he/him

21-07-2021 16:55:21 UTC

against Lemon has better murder traps than I do.

Kevan: City he/him

21-07-2021 19:38:11 UTC

against Slithering is good, though.

lemon: she/her

22-07-2021 00:53:06 UTC

points taken, against s/k for the sake of the queue :0