Tuesday, October 13, 2020

Proposal: Monuments should be a bit fun

Self-killed. Josh

Adminned at 14 Oct 2020 18:31:50 UTC

In the rule Monuments, after the sentence “A monument must have a name, which is always flavour text, a land cost and an effect”, add:

A monument may also qualify as an aesthetic feature.

To the end of the third paragraph in the same rule, add:

Monuments which are also aesthetic features do not need to have the aesthetic feature separately noted.

In the rule Generating New Monuments, add the following to the end of the second step of the atomic action:

If the cost is 6 or lower, omit the next step.

Add the following as a new third step to the same action:

Randomly select an Aesthetic Feature for this monument.



10-13-2020 17:25:19 UTC

I’m not sure this really works the way you’re intending it to for a couple of reasons.

Say we have a 7 cost monument with a crag feature.

“When an Island rolls a Crag Basic Effect on a Terrain Dice, they must choose a cliff on their Island to apply it to. A Level may not gain a Crag if it already has a number of Crags equal to the amount of Land on the first non-cliff Level above it.”

So the first sentence only applies to to rolling the crag basic feature. And I guess you don’t have to be a cliff to gain crags, you just need to not have too many crags. So now you can put a crag on a non-cliff? Which on the one hand doesn’t make sense, but on the other if you could only put your crag on a cliff then you could never place the monument because monuments need land.

I also feel like adding aesthetic features makes monuments a lot harder to place, so should have some sort of cost reduction when it comes to land

Josh: HE/HIM

10-13-2020 20:21:36 UTC

Good point. I’ll have a rethink.  against sk