Sunday, May 17, 2009

Proposal: More Fame

SK to veto -Darknight

Adminned at 17 May 2009 22:05:09 UTC

Add to the rule “Dear Diary”:

A Contestant may increase their Fame by 1 when the number of FOR votes in their Diary Entry totals or exceeds any of the following milestones: 1,2,3,5,7,11.

I hope I did this correctly. The intention is that it is cumulative, allowing a total of +6 Fame.



05-17-2009 06:28:56 UTC

against The way I read the rule, it doesn’t seem to match your expressed intention.


05-17-2009 07:14:28 UTC

against .  So I have one FOR on a Diary Entry.  I add 1 to my Fame.  I still have a FOR on my Diary Entry.  I add 1 to my fame again.  The number of FORs on my Diary Entries still hasn’t changed.  So I get 1 more fame…


05-17-2009 07:28:58 UTC

against S/K. Need to rethink.


05-17-2009 07:46:36 UTC

Wow, I feel like a real idiot now. Making proposals is harder than I thought. Might PM one of you more experienced players for some help.


05-17-2009 10:27:44 UTC

Experienced players still make hilarious mistakes, worse than this. I’m not saying you shouldn’t seek advice - I sometimes show other players drafts of long proposals I’m working on - but don’t feel bad, or worse than anyone else.


05-17-2009 13:54:40 UTC

It’s ok.  It’s very rare that someone gets it right on their first proposal.  On the plus side, at least you didn’t do the “Proposal: Proposal:” thing…


05-17-2009 15:10:44 UTC

Oh, and contestants shouldn’t be able to for  for  for  for  for  their own Diary Entries either.


05-17-2009 15:57:06 UTC

First you would need a mechanism for counting FOR votes on Diaries - an expiration date, are CoV’s allowed, self-votes, etc. Perhaps use the language from the Proposal core rules.


05-17-2009 18:41:52 UTC

veto to save you your slot