Friday, January 20, 2006

Proposal: Motley Crew

This proposal be passed by eight votes to one, and enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 21 Jan 2006 02:07:11 UTC

[ Style might be more useful, and certainly more fun, if purchased items were permanently tracked. ]

Rename “Style” to “Motley”, and reword the rule to:-

Every Swashbuckler has a collection of Motley, tracked in the GNDT. Motley represents the equipment, mannerisms and injuries acquired during the course of a voyage.

Swashbucklers with booty to spare may use it to purchase items at port, or simply wear the jewellery they have plundered - cashing in 8 doubloons’ worth of booty allows a swashbuckler to add a single item of their choice to their Motley.

A Swashbuckler with two wooden legs or two eyepatches has their GPS permanently reduced to zero. A Swashbuckler may never have more than two wooden legs, more than two hooked hands, or more than two eyepatches.

An item of Motley may be given to another Swashbuckler, unless it was gained through injury, or is otherwise physically attached to its bearer. The Captain may confiscate any Motley he considers to be inappropriate, and throw it overboard.

New recruits start with no Motley.

If a Rule exists called “Adventures”, replace “total of the Swashbuckler’s GPS and Style” with:-

total of the Swashbuckler’s GPS and their number of items of Motley



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01-20-2006 15:10:50 UTC

against Needlessly complicated, methinks.  Also would go better in the wiki, I think, if you’re going to bother, with the number of ‘em tracked in the GNDT.


01-20-2006 17:54:12 UTC



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01-20-2006 21:24:42 UTC

for Aye, it is more complicated than a simple number, but more fun, too. We aren’t going to put much else in the GNDT, are we?

Elias IX:

01-20-2006 21:26:12 UTC

Avast, I like the idea, just not the word “Motley”.



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01-21-2006 01:34:20 UTC

[Elias] Arr, I be knowing that Motley really refers to the clothes, but it be a good word, better than anything else I can think of.