Monday, June 12, 2017

Mountain Camp

Apparently some hardy Explorer braved the cold wilds to set up a Camp in the mountain.
Without a combo! Why so much discretion?

Card, it appears you “jumped” from Base Camp to Science Camp. However, the first sentence of the dynastic rule Explorers is:

If an Explorer has one or more Dog Sleds, they may change their camp to either the camp with the next highest latitude or the camp with the next lowest latitude, both relative to their current camp, by spending 1 Supplies as an Outdoors action.

The latitudinal map on the wiki page Camps makes it pretty clear that Science Camp has neither the next highest nor the next lowest latitude from Base Camp.

In fact, Base Camp and Rebooted Camp both have the same latitude, so there isn’t such a thing as “the Camp with the next lowest latitude” from Base Camp. I believe if you want to travel from Base Camp to Boot Camp, you have to do it latitude by latitude, without Camp-jumping.



06-12-2017 16:00:30 UTC

” If all Explorers that belong to the same Dog Team are able to move to the same Camp, any Explorer that belongs to that Dog Team may move each team member of their team that they have permission to do so from to that Camp as an Outdoors action.”

And I was able to move to that camp. If you think it should have been moved in separate instances, I could have simply have done the dog sleds thing twice.


06-12-2017 16:21:12 UTC

My point is: I don’t believe you were able to move to that Camp.


06-12-2017 16:46:56 UTC

You mean to say that since there’s two camps at the same latitude, nobody can move past them.

However wouldn’t the “next highest” latitude not include a camp’s own latitude?


06-12-2017 22:43:54 UTC

Maybe you’re right. In that case, it’s possible for an Explorer who is at Boot Camp to move to Base Camp or to Science Camp.

But you were at Base Camp, and two Camps are tying for the “next highest” latitude from Base Camp. Therefore there is no such thing as “the Camp with the next highest latitude” from Base Camp.


06-13-2017 04:24:08 UTC

Sure there is, either Boot camp or Rebooted camp.


06-13-2017 12:11:03 UTC

Which one? They can’t possibly both be *the* Camp with the next highest latitude.


06-13-2017 15:11:27 UTC

Why can’t they?


06-14-2017 23:09:55 UTC

Because “the Camp with the next highest latitude” has a different meaning from “a Camp with the next highest latitude”. “the” implies there’s only one, or at least it’s implicit which one we’re talking about. That’s not the case here; there are two such Camps, and therefore neither can be designated “the Camp with the next highest latitude”.