Sunday, May 06, 2018

Proposal: Mutiny

Reached quorum 7 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 07 May 2018 19:55:53 UTC

Add a new position called “Prisoner”.
To the rule “Positions”, add the text: “A Sailor may not voluntarily become a Prisoner. The captain may assign Prisoners as normal. A Prisoner may not voluntarily change their position.”
Create a rule called “Mutiny” with the following text:

At any time, if there is a Captain, a Sailor that is not the Captain or a Prisoner may attempt a Mutiny by creating a story post to that effect. Other sailors can vote on that post, and 48 hours after the post is made, and admin may resolve the mutiny by making the necessary changes in the GNDT.
If, at resolution, a quorom of Sailors voted For the Mutiny, the mutiny has succeeded. The Captain becomes a Prisoner, and the chief mate, second mate and third mate become a Prisoner if they did not vote For the mutiny.
Otherwise, every sailor who voted For the mutiny at any point (even if they changed their vote later) becomes a Prisoner.

I liked the option for “Mutiny” in CB’s proposal. This is an another attempt at adding it.
The (even if they changed their vote later) is ugly, I think a better alternative would be some system that allows you to vote privately? In any case, this is to prevent last-minute vote changes to avoid being prisoner.



05-06-2018 23:26:10 UTC

It looks like it’s possible for the captain just jail everyone to suppress a mutiny…?


05-07-2018 04:22:33 UTC

[Corona] I mean they could and you’d get a proposal against you or something but it seems silly to leave that as an option. A captain needs some muscle backing them other than his title.


05-07-2018 07:16:59 UTC

Prisoners can still vote, by the looks of it, they just can’t make the “attempt” post.

for Useful to have the option, although if all this needs is a quorum of active players it’s no better than making a simple gamestate-change proposal.


05-07-2018 08:06:56 UTC

for well I suppose it does free up a proposal slot and as long as quorum is greater than 4 it would give incentive for at least the captain to please as many people as possible.


05-07-2018 08:08:27 UTC

[Kevan] Think of it as the Mutineers breaking the prisoners out in the middle of the night.


05-07-2018 10:44:20 UTC

“and as long as quorum is greater than 4”

This is a part that worries me lol. Although, coordination of at least Quorum amount of people is generally the end of the dynasty anyways, regardless of these mechanics.

Because you can force any proposal you want to be passed and just propose a win which ends the game.


05-07-2018 12:56:06 UTC


They could just make a proposal, but this will FEEL different because its a sanctioned action.

Its pretty risky, but that is fitting with the “Mutiny” theme.


05-07-2018 14:12:37 UTC



05-07-2018 15:00:09 UTC



05-07-2018 17:08:40 UTC

for I’m voting FOR, but of course, if I become captain, I would like you not to mutiny, thank you.


05-07-2018 18:20:16 UTC

against should be based on TI


05-07-2018 19:53:14 UTC

[Axemabaro] The proposal adding TI was self-killed.