Tuesday, April 02, 2024

My Summer Vacation by Jonathan Dark

The Shot contains lights that are trimming a roof, door, or fence while lit: c572256fbb7fb1b4f5ca4992e7aaca0b8e94f4fd2115302197990a5595179843
(while doing this, I realized that this criteria was made illegal for having too many characters per the rule “Reasonable Limits”. I have since reduced my Score by the points I had scored for this criteria.)

The Shot contains exactly three motorized vehicles: 1e5f7d8787444505de7c6b8586bbfe19308ed0e9dd67275784000f607db25a22

The Shot contains at least one trash bin: 88d5298d1f1940cf0c67fcd7d5674e04e120325b3c21ed4c57fb9819abc19f32

The Shot contains exactly one eye: 4884f8d472064cc83c9aaf165134797dfe35785d0a6b99a34b96c19846695883

The Shot contains at least one utility pole: a5783131fedd0965cb1cadaacac2d429c08f04b807b753279c780ac83ae6b0ab

The Shot contains at least two motorized vehicles: e65e9004d9d549ba56a6ca345d936a836abf595211a9300632583fa242aec977

The Shot contains the letter “e”: f05ee8b1c60d155524764e6491c5625b9d7b430273215a308896e5728924b19f

The Shot contains a crosswalk: 97765a42dcb0de92df2d4158c2404553989fa2c49e4e4b7b1709b37ba588a5a7

The Shot contains the letter “s”: 976fec9dd3825d4d6c995788bd8e70932ff99d26cf9efb3705bd7d0e7b8c5d6b

The Shot contains a paved road: 75e642abc6746c1e560bde54cded7d786a5ce73c56e2ce4a49a2de41b91d075c

All of the salts in the above hashes were 0 characters in length (meets requirements of “5 characters or less”)


Kevan: he/him

02-04-2024 20:23:04 UTC

Oh, huh, did I actually catch you out there by choosing “pole” as a Trite word?

JonathanDark: he/him

03-04-2024 16:15:54 UTC

Yes, you did. ;-)

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