Sunday, December 20, 2009

Proposal: Negative Space

Passes 7-2 (Josh went idle, so his vote doesn’t count.) -Ornithopter

Adminned at 23 Dec 2009 03:15:41 UTC

Add the following to the second bulleted list in Rule 2.2 Wish Fulfillment:

* Wishes to undo any game action covered in the core rules.
* Wishes to undo any action which was performed more than 24 hours ago.
* Wishes to allow an Adventurer to perform a daily or weekly action more than one additional time in a single day/week.

Remove the first bulleted list and the last two sentences of the paragraph immediately preceding it.

Add the following to the end of the first paragraph of the rule:

The Djinni may only alter gamestate when fulfilling wishes, as permitted elsewhere in the ruleset, or in the course of normal admin duties. (e.g. voting, enacting proposals, choosing initial locations for Adventurers who have not chosen their own 96 hours after the passing of the “Fiat Lux Redux” proposal).

Change the second sentence of the last paragraph of the same rule to:

These wishes, such as a wish for a pony when said pony is not defined by game-state, a wish for a player to be force-idled, a wish to set an Adventurer’s Power to an illegal value, or a wish for a rule to be added without being proposed, will not be fulfilled and will most likely be mocked in some way, shape, or form.

Replace “(but not in all cases)” in the last paragraph of that rule with “(but not necessarily all cases)”.

Add a subsection titled “Clarifications” to the rule with text:

* When a wish for an action to be undone is fulfilled, the action is considered to have been performed for all purposes except the actual effect of said action, and any cost/penalty for performing the action is still assessed. I.E. If the action was a weekly action, it may not be performed again until a new week has begun, and if the action enabled a second action to be taken, that action can still be taken (or it it had already been taken, it still counts). This can also be undone by another wish.

* If a wish for the ability to perform a daily or weekly action an extra time in the relevant period of time is fulfilled, other costs and restrictions of that action still apply.

If more than half the EVCs on this proposal contain the phrase “all is one” remove the bulleted list item beginning “Wishes which contain more than one part” and add the following items to that list:

* Wishes which contain more than one part, such as “I wish that I had 10 power and that Bucky had 0 power”
* Wishes that affect a number of players other than one and all, such as “I wish all players except me had 0 power” or “I wish that both Bucky and I had 0 Power”.

I’d appreciate it if y’all’d let me know if you’re voting against the idea of the proposal or a specific problem with it, so I know whether a reproposal is worthwhile.


Ienpw III:

12-20-2009 19:39:45 UTC

tl;dr imperial
I’ll get around to it later.


12-20-2009 20:13:59 UTC



12-20-2009 20:14:45 UTC

hmm. i’m not sure about this.  imperial


12-20-2009 20:33:00 UTC



12-20-2009 20:55:27 UTC


Haven’t checked to see if you’ve sneaked a scam into the rewording.


12-20-2009 20:58:05 UTC

Not on purpose.


12-20-2009 21:10:50 UTC

for It all looks okay to me.


12-20-2009 22:17:53 UTC



12-21-2009 01:28:47 UTC



12-21-2009 02:09:35 UTC



12-21-2009 05:36:59 UTC

against Until more people than Josh get around to analyzing it. :p


12-21-2009 06:03:37 UTC



12-21-2009 11:25:51 UTC



12-21-2009 14:03:27 UTC



12-21-2009 16:27:47 UTC

for  CoV. Seems fine, now that I’ve had time to analyse it.


12-21-2009 16:31:37 UTC



12-21-2009 18:57:06 UTC

CoV for  Analyzed.


12-22-2009 03:33:41 UTC



12-22-2009 06:57:47 UTC

CoV:  against


12-23-2009 11:23:48 UTC

“Wishes to undo any action which was performed more than 24 hours ago”? against That typo is really fatal.