Friday, February 23, 2007

Proposal: New Investor anyone?

8-1. Reaches Quorum!!—Chronos

Adminned at 25 Feb 2007 10:03:38 UTC

If Proposal: Idle Emperors Are the Devil’s Playground passed, this one does nothing.

If this Proposal timed out, it does nothing.

Upon the enactment of this proposal, the Admin enacting it shall make a post titled “ELECTION”

Add a dynastic rule Election:

The post titled “ELECTION” made by XXX at YY:YY is an official post. No other post with that title shall be an official post.

At any time before ZZ:ZZ, any Actor may nominate one, and only one, another Actor to become Investor. E does so by making a comment on the “ELECTION” Post where the only text is the name of the nominated Actor.

If an Actor makes more than one comment on the “ELECTION” Post where the only text is the name of another Actor, only the most recent of those Votes shall be construed as eir nomination.

Whichever Actor is the subject of the most counted nominations at ZZ:ZZ shall choose between achieving Victory or becoming the new Investor and continuing this Dynasty. In either case this rule shall be deleted.

If no Actor has the most counted nominations, then this rule shall be deleted with no further effect.

Change “XXX” in rule Election to the name of the Admin enacting this Proposal. Change “YY:YY” in rule Election to the timestamp of the “ELECTION” Post, in the Format “Hours:Minutes Year, Month, Day”. Change “ZZ:ZZ” in rule Election to the time equal YY:YY plus 96 hours, in the Format “Hours:Minutes Year, Month, Day”.



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02-23-2007 23:21:04 UTC

against I still don’t know why we need an Emperor at the moment.


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02-24-2007 00:53:42 UTC

for Your experience shows. This is much better written than my own.


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