Tuesday, September 09, 2008

Proposal: No business like showbusiness

S/K- Darknight

Adminned at 10 Sep 2008 14:49:04 UTC

Create a new dynastic rule with the title “Polit-Showbusiness” and the content

Within the month of September, each Candidate may, as a weekly action, take part in one Polit-Show, either as Host or as Contestant.

Only a Candidate who is not in debt and did not take part in a Polit-Show this week can become the Host of the new Polit-Show. To do this, they must make a post to the blog with the title “Polit-Show about TOPIC” and a statement of at most 75 words beginning with “It is now time for a Polit-Show about TOPIC because”, with TOPIC being a topic of their choice.

Polit-Shows are either In Preparation, Open For Voting, or Ended. A Polit-Show becomes In Preparation immediately after the blog post of its Host.

While the Polit-Show is In Preparation, any other Candidate who did not take part in a Polit-Show this week can become a Contestant of this Polit-Show by replying to the blog post with a statement of at most 125 words.

Exactly 48 hours after the original blog post, the Polit-Show switches to Ended if there are less than two Contestants, and the host loses 25 Money and a quarter of their own Supporters. Otherwise it switches to Open For Voting, and the Host gains Money equals to 10 times the number of Contestants.

While the Polit-Show is Open For Voting, any Candidate who does not take part in it may vote on it by replying to the blog post with the statement containing only the name of one of the Contestants. If a Candidate does so multiple times while the Polit-Show is Open For Voting, only the last vote of this Candidate counts.

Exactly 96 hours after the original blog post, a Polit-Show that was Open For Voting becomes Ended, and there immediately is a Vote Count. Each Contestants gets as much Show Votes as sum of the Supporters of the Candidates voting for them.

If there is a Vote Count on this Polit-Show, 200 Supporters are distributed in equal shares (rounded down) to the Winners of the Polit-Show, and the Vote Count ends. The Show Vote Sum is the sum of the Show Votes of all Contestants. If a Contestant’s Show Votes are at least 60 percent of the Show Vote Sum, they are the sole winner, otherwise each Contestant who got at least two thirds as much Show Votes as the Contestant with the most Show Votes is a Winner.



09-10-2008 00:54:02 UTC

What would this do that a debate wouldn’t?


09-10-2008 01:17:50 UTC

against So complicated I didn’t even read it.


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09-10-2008 03:07:51 UTC

against ow ow ow. no offence but ow

Ambi Valent:

09-10-2008 07:39:51 UTC

against Self-Killed. With Fire.