Sunday, February 18, 2024

Proposal: Nothing To Declare

Adminned at 20 Feb 2024 14:57:46 UTC

Add the following as a final bullet point to the list in the core rule Fair Play:

* If a Vassal intends to compel or request that another Vassal act on their behalf, and the manner in which that favour would be requested or granted is not specifically, explicitly called out as an avenue of mechanical co-operation in the dynastic ruleset, and there is no Building Block rule called Mantle Passing, then that request should be made in public, through the medium of a post to the blog, within a resonable timeframe (not more than 24 hours) of the co-operation having started.


Vovix: he/him

18-02-2024 21:48:25 UTC

What does “on their behalf” mean in this context? Like, “Hey, can you please log in and do my Pick Apple action for me because I’m not going to have internet tomorrow?” or “hey, can you Craft some extra Apple Pickers so I can use them to win?”. Does it include a straight-up “Let’s roll a die and one of us gives all our Apples to the other so they win”?

Zack: he/him

18-02-2024 22:02:03 UTC

I don’t believe trying to police people doing favors for one another will lead to anything other than tension, hostility and resentment. Cooperation is just a natural consequence of playing a game with the same people for a long time.

Vovix: he/him

19-02-2024 19:03:34 UTC

against I’m not opposed to the idea, but I do think the wording is ambiguous in terms of what it actually applies to. I would be in favor of a more explicit “Cross-dynastic agreements not allowed” or “Cross-dynastic agreements must be disclosed” rule, though.

Josh: he/they

20-02-2024 14:57:19 UTC

against Withdrawn