Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Proposal: Now, Tell me (version 2)

Illegal proposal - Ujalu already has two proposals pending. “An Agent cannot submit a non-Core Proposal if that Agent already has two or more non-Core Proposals pending.”

Voting against your own proposal doesn’t remove it from the queue until it’s been actively failed by Rule 1.5.—Kevan

Adminned at 26 Oct 2010 09:40:27 UTC

Add to 2.9 Specialties.

Rhetoric: Instead of walking and once a day, a Rhetoric may attempt to talk to an agent (which will be defined as “Target-Agent”) in their Location by telephoning the Director with Target-Agents Codename, in an email with the subject line “CODENAMEA talks to CODENAMEB”, where “CODENAMEA” is the Agent’s Codename, and “CODENAMEB” is the Target-Agent’s Codename. As soon as the D-Ops can, he will reply to this email with the subject line: “CODENAMEB is X”, where there is a:

40% chance that X is the afiliation of Target-Agent (in the format “afiliated to Y”, where Y is an afiliation)

30% chance that X will be ” an IMPOSTOR” if Target-Agent is an Impostor and “NOT an IMPOSTOR” if Target-Agent is not an impostor

30% chance that X is “an AGENT”.

If the Target-Agent isn’t in the same location as the agent, X is “SOMEWHERE THAT IS NOT THIS LOCATION”. This overrules any other possible values X can take.


Fix’d, lads.


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