Friday, March 03, 2006

Proposal: Obligatory Location Proposal

Self-killed. -Elias IX

Adminned at 05 Mar 2006 07:08:09 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Let’s have a grand old metadynastic time failed”, replace all instances of “Gostak” in this proposal with “Swashbuckler”.

Create a rule, named Location:

“Gostaks shall always be at one of the locations listed in this rule. This will be tracked in a GNDT column “location”. Currently, Gostaks may not move to another location. New Gostaks start in The Edge. The following locations are present:

The Roof: The roof is on fire.

The Future: The future can be sold. The future may not be sold until a rule exists which specifically allows Gostaks to buy the future, at which point this sentence is deleted.

A Long and Lonesome Road: Beware of shiny demons.

The Edge: This is where all Gostaks live. All Gostaks are assumed to own a house on The Edge.

Moo-Moo: Moo-Moo is a cow.

Move all Gostaks to The Edge.

Just checking interest for the return of locations. I’m tired of the traditional manners of movement, so I’d like to see some offbeat means of transportation. As you can probably guess from the locations in this proposal, though, the muses refuse to grant me the inspiration to think of anything right now.



03-03-2006 20:32:53 UTC

By the way, first one to name all references gets a cookie as soon as a proposal passes allowing me to do so. Furthermore, I retain all rights to regret posting this when I retain my sanity.


03-03-2006 20:50:38 UTC

for Gostak has been talked about at length.  the roof bit is from a song.  I dunno about the future.  The long and lonesome road is a song—Beatles maybe?  Moo-Moo is a webcomic, according to Google.  I dunno the other.


03-03-2006 20:51:24 UTC


Angry Grasshopper:

03-03-2006 21:10:37 UTC


Location is just another field, really.

Elias IX:

03-03-2006 23:35:44 UTC

against No location.


03-03-2006 23:44:17 UTC

And I say for
(We are but men)


03-03-2006 23:55:23 UTC


The Lone Amigo:

03-04-2006 01:47:35 UTC



03-04-2006 02:43:31 UTC

Since there is no proposal named “Let’s have a grand old metadynastic time failed”, this proposal does nothing.

Elias IX:

03-04-2006 02:48:15 UTC

I’m interpreting as follows:

If this proposal gave something the title of “Let’s have a grand old metadynastic time failed”, then replace all instances of “Gostak” with “Swashbuckler”.

Since it didn’t, then everything’s fine.


03-04-2006 03:12:54 UTC

Whoops, my bad. You’re right, that only applies to the first part.


03-04-2006 03:30:21 UTC

CoV, I prefer just having the Building.

Seventy-Fifth Trombone:

03-04-2006 05:21:52 UTC

against  Dig the references, don’t dig the mechanic.


03-04-2006 08:30:42 UTC

against CoV, building I like better.


03-04-2006 10:23:29 UTC

against Bored of locations.

Angry Grasshopper:

03-04-2006 11:27:37 UTC


Bandwagon. Actually, we should do something different for a change of pace.

Elias IX:

03-04-2006 13:52:09 UTC

against CoV, I like mine better. ;)


03-04-2006 15:29:36 UTC

against S-K

Yours is way better. By the way, here are the random references I threw in:

‘The roof is on fire’: Fire Water Burn (by the Bloodhound Gang, but originally by some other band if I’m not mistaken)
‘The future’s been sold’: Blur’s ‘Universal’
‘A long and lonesome road’: Tenacious D’s ‘Tribute’
Owning houses on the Edge: Aerosmith’s ‘Living on the edge’

I guess I’m keeping that cookie, then.


03-05-2006 03:23:25 UTC

Gah.  The Beatles had a long and WINDING road.