Thursday, June 23, 2016

Proposal: Oh Right

Reaches quorum and passes 5-0. -RaichuKFM

Adminned at 24 Jun 2016 05:01:13 UTC

Reword the rule Exchange to the following:

Scribes can spend 3 of any one Commercial resource tracked in the GNDT to gain 1 of any Commercial, non-Valuable resource tracked in the GNDT.

The following resources are considered Commercial: Paper, Looks, Fame

The following resources are considered Valuable:

All currently unused Maps are considered used.

Set the Paper of each Scribe to 5, the Stress of each Scribe to 0, the Energy of each Scribe to 50, the Looks of each Scribe to 3, and the Fame of each Scribe to 3.

Haha whoops.



23-06-2016 16:37:10 UTC



23-06-2016 16:46:29 UTC

for  but I don’t see why trading for non-Commercial non-Valuable resources is a problem.


23-06-2016 21:11:38 UTC


Kevan: he/him

23-06-2016 22:20:17 UTC