Sunday, May 06, 2012

Proposal: One Extra Cycle

Self killed ~ southpointingchariot

Adminned at 07 May 2012 21:00:14 UTC

If the Ruleset contains the text:

Then, if a single Player has more Power than every other player, that player has achieved victory.” add
“Otherwise, a Player will be chosen from the group of Players who are all tied for the most Power in the following manner and that chosen Player has achieved victory: The Player with the most Credits is chosen, if a tie remains choose the Player with the most Marines (from those tied for Power and Credits), and if a tie remains choose a Player with the most Councilmen (from those tied for Power, Marines and Credits), if a tie still the Net shall choose the Player (from tied for everything). In any of these cases, the Net should post to the blog announcing the choice.

then remove that text.

In the rule “Cycles”, replace “of May 2012” with “of May 2012, and every three days after that while the Dynasty continues”

In the rule “Cycle Resolution”, replace:

If each claim made by the player who influenced the Public last Cycle in their Control message was accurate, or if this is the final Cycle of the Dynasty:


If each claim made by the player who influenced the Public last Cycle in their Control message was accurate, or if this Cycle began on or later than the 24th of May 2012:

Replacing Clucky’s tiebreaker with an extra cycle. Cycles go on until someone has more Power than everyone else.


Clucky: he/him

06-05-2012 00:37:05 UTC

against I think the idea is that people are getting bored and we want to end this thing. not potentially make it keep going on forever. plus this lets someone come from behind and win (tie in the last cycle, then they get the mine and jump to the lead)

Clucky: he/him

06-05-2012 00:40:12 UTC

also I think you screwed up the first blockquote…


06-05-2012 05:36:24 UTC

against due to the broken quote.

I would support the idea in general; breaking a tie for most Power is reasonably simple to pull off, whereas making a full set of accurate claims always seemed too tough to me. Not sure how it would interact with the councilman bonus, though.

Josh: he/they

06-05-2012 08:02:12 UTC



06-05-2012 12:38:26 UTC

Clucky: I don’t think a Power tie would stay forever.
As for your second point, if the goal is to have the most Power, then I don’t see what’s the problem with rewarding someone who can overtake tying Players.

against Self-kill because of the broken quote. Though I wonder if the Ruleset would not have allowed me to correct it as a kind of typo?