Friday, November 05, 2010

Proposal: Pay attention at the back

Passes 11-5-2 with 7 “Scoring” EVCs. Whew.—Brendan

Adminned at 05 Nov 2010 20:58:28 UTC

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled Class:

Students take one class per day. They are considered to be taking that class for the entire day.

* Monday - Beginners Alchemy
* Tuesday - Wild Beasts
* Wednesday - Battle Magic
* Thursday - Conventional Warfare & Weaponry
* Friday - Explosive Latin
* Saturday - Nomich
* Sunday - no class

Add a new rule, entitled Nomich:

Nomich is a sport played by Students. It may only be played on a Saturday. Students who belong to the same Dormitory are always on the same team.

Nomich is played with an ordinary deck of cards. At all times when not playing a game of Nomich, each Dormitory should be holding seven cards. The cards held by each Dormitory should be kept a secret to all other Dormitories and should be tracked by the Headmaster. If, any any time, a Dormitory is holding less than seven cards and is not playing a Nomich, the Headmaster should assign them enough cards that they have a hand of seven, and should then send a private message to all members of that Dormitory telling them the composition of their new hand. The Headmaster must ensure that the same card is not being held by more than one Dormitory at any given time.

Any member of a Dormitory may challenge another Dormitory to a match of Nomich by making a post to that effect. A Dormitory is obliged to accept the first such challenge levelled against it on a Saturday. Each Dormitory may play no more than one match of Nomich per day, and a Dormitory may not make a challenge if it is playing a match of Nomich or has already played a match of Nomich that day; nor can a challenge be levelled against a Dormitory that is playing or has played a match of Nomich that day.

Once a Dormitory has challenged another Dormitory to a match of Nomich, each Dormitory has until the end of that day to post a play in the comments to the challenge post. A play is a sequence of cards, of any size or composition, from the Dormitory’s hand that the Dormitory intends to score against. The Dormitory whose play scores highest wins the match. Any member of a Dormitory whose Condition is Alive may post a play on behalf of their Dormitory, and the first play posted by a Dormitory in a challenge thread is the one that is scored for that match.

The score value of any play is adjudged according to the Nomich Ruleset. The Nomich Ruleset is secret and should be known in its entirety only to the Headmaster. The first rule in the Nomich ruleset is as follows:

The play with the largest cumulative face value scores 5 points.

At the end of each Saturday, or as soon as possible thereafter, the Headmaster should indicate in each challenge thread which Dormitory won and what each play scored.

A Dormitory who wins a game of Nomich may perform one of the two following actions:

*Add a new rule to the Nomich ruleset by PMing it to the Headmaster; or
*Change the Condition of one Student of the opposing Dormitory to Dead.

If the first action is undertaken, the Headmaster must appraise the new rule, and may reject it if it contradicts another rule or if it offers an unfair and destabilising advantage to any Dormitory at the expense of any other Dormitory. The Headmaster’s judgement on this matter is final. Any rule thus rejected is lost and the Dormitory who proposed it may not undertake another winners’ action.

If more than half of the EVCs on this proposal contain the word “Scoring”, then add the following rule to the ruleset, entitled Inter-House Competiton:

Each Dormitory has a score, which may be any integer between -200 and 200. These values are officially tracked by the Headmaster but may be noted in the BlogNomic sidebar.

Whenever a Dormitory wins a game of Nomich, they gain 5 points.

If Proposal: Rotters and Floaters passed, change the word “Dead” in the rule entitled “Nomich” to “Ghost or Zombie”.


Ujalu, the unnecessary.:

11-05-2010 10:46:21 UTC



11-05-2010 11:33:20 UTC

I was about to say that “Dead” may not be defined by the time this proposal passes, but you thought of that too.

Brilliant proposal! =)
for arrow


11-05-2010 11:37:17 UTC

Ah, I forgot this:
for arrow Scoring =P


11-05-2010 11:46:11 UTC



11-05-2010 12:10:32 UTC



11-05-2010 12:12:27 UTC

I will vote FOR on Sunday. This will give us the time to change the rule a little bit and be sure that everyone has their cards before the first match.

There needs to be a proposal that says what happens if the challenged dormitory fails to answer the challenge (to post a play), that states who in the dormitory gets to decide what the winning action is, and that adds a way to change hand if the rules turn to your disadvantage, to the point of not being able to win any game.

This game looks like it would be funnier on a “player-vs-player” scale, even though this might lead to idle-snipping (assuming a player who fails to answer a challenge loses automatically).

I will also come up with a proposal of a way to use Divination Classes to see a current Nomich rule, to be able to pick winning hands by using logic instead of luck.


11-05-2010 12:45:02 UTC

(My DEF vote is just bowing to whether or not Brendan wants to keep track of secret information this Dynasty, incidentally. Everything else seems fine, and could easily combine well with the other Lesson system if it passes.)


11-05-2010 13:44:22 UTC



11-05-2010 14:12:27 UTC

(Sidenote: merely knowing what a rule is may prove to be “an unfair and destabilising advantage”.


11-05-2010 14:21:35 UTC



11-05-2010 14:30:10 UTC

@Bucky: Yeah, that’s what I was thinking. =P Oh well.


11-05-2010 14:33:56 UTC



11-05-2010 14:37:13 UTC

I’m particularly keen to learn some Explosive Latin.
Adflammandum est!

and Scoring ...  for

Thane Q:

11-05-2010 15:23:57 UTC

against Not entirely sure I like the direction of the daily classes thing. I do like Nomich, and that on its own would get a FOR vote.

Is it allowed to vote for each part on its own, rather than this package deal?


11-05-2010 15:29:46 UTC

@Thane - no, sectional voting doesn’t work. Given that the daily thing doesn’t do anything, though, you’d probably be better off makin’ like the GOP on healthcare and going for pass-and-repeal…

Thane Q:

11-05-2010 15:37:56 UTC

for CoV

True it does do nothing at this time.


11-05-2010 16:13:55 UTC

imperial  arrow


11-05-2010 16:39:40 UTC



11-05-2010 16:48:14 UTC

for Scoring


11-05-2010 16:49:06 UTC

CoV for Scoring after having enough time to read the whole thing. Heh, Mao.


11-05-2010 16:56:49 UTC

What are all the little up arrows for?


11-05-2010 17:35:03 UTC

imperial Abstaining because, while I don’t find anything objectionable here, I have a longstanding personal dislike of Mao. I like the proposed classes, though. Scoring.


11-05-2010 18:36:18 UTC

[Fuzzy] A couple of times we’ve had a dynasty where we’ve added an arrow voting icon and used it for “good flavour text” or “good use of theme” bonuses. You can type the word “ARROW” between two colons to use it yourself, should you ever wish to confuse people who didn’t play those dynasties or who haven’t heard this explanation.


11-05-2010 19:04:09 UTC

I don’t do it to confuse people, I do it to express my thoughts about the proposition in the hopes that the one who wrote it knows what it means.

Then again, people who don’t know probably go WTF every time. =P


11-05-2010 19:34:50 UTC

@Kevan: Perhaps we should add it to the FAQ.


11-05-2010 19:46:46 UTC

That would be good. =)


11-05-2010 20:06:36 UTC

Just noticed a big problem with this - Brendan is apparently part of a Dormitory, which would then legally have access to all of the rules and the hands of all of the other teams.


11-05-2010 20:10:18 UTC

Eh, I was going to propose to un-Dorm and kill myself anyway.


11-05-2010 20:30:38 UTC

There’s an ambiguity about playing cards: do you lose them when played? Also it seems possible for a Dormitory to have duplicate cards :)

for Scoring.


11-05-2010 22:35:20 UTC

for CoV if Brendan’s fine with the cardwork.


11-06-2010 03:07:03 UTC



11-06-2010 03:11:31 UTC

for Scoring.

I like Mao, thanks to Kev’s webpage of projects and what nots.