Wednesday, February 02, 2022

Proposal: Phase 2

Timed Out. Passes 4-1—Clucky

Adminned at 04 Feb 2022 23:51:51 UTC

Create a rule, “Blackwork Construction Co”:

As a subsidiary of BBC, Blackwork Construction Co has it in mind to build the first of several futuristic facilities out of the Hyposolid material. As a Weekday Action, an Employee may spend 25,000 Vested Value to add to the Warehouse a box of material “Hyposolid”, size 5, and value $291.50. Upon doing so, they gain 5 Shares in BCC. Shares in BCC are a tracked numeric value for each Employee.

When 100 or more total Shares in BCC are owned by Employees, any Employee may complete Facility 2, by randomly selecting an Employee, using each Employee’s number of Shares in BCC as their weighted odds of being selected. Once Facility 2 has been completed, it may not be completed again, and the Employee thus selected has achieved Victory.

Reduce the Vested Value of the author of this Proposal by $50,000.


Josh: he/they

02-02-2022 23:24:51 UTC

As the only Employee who can build more than 3 of these bricks, isn’t this massively stacked in your favour?

I dunno; you’re in the lead this week but in a week I suspect you’ll be back to middle of the pack - Jumble could on current form get to around 1.2m with a single sale of the right box followed by vesting just his current options. I think a VC should do more than reflect “who has cashed in most recently”.


02-02-2022 23:32:57 UTC

Well, you can only build one per day, so there’s time to catch up. I can’t build the whole thing, myself, nor can everyone, together, so that means the Budget’s going to have to recover somewhat in that time, to give us enough total $.

Josh: he/they

02-02-2022 23:44:58 UTC

Sure, but you’re still pretty much guaranteed a minimum of ~10 out of the 25, or a 40% chance of winning. Those are pretty good odds just for being the person who is currently in a temporary cash lead, and as someone who’d get maybe 2-3 (8-12%) equity out of this program y it’s hard to see that value.

Josh: he/they

02-02-2022 23:45:10 UTC

*program > proposal


02-02-2022 23:56:38 UTC

If I get a full 10 shares, that means it took us 2 weeks to build! But alright, I’ll spend $50,000 out of pocket to show I’m invested. (Also, it’ll be out of 20, I changed it to 5 shares, 100 total.)

Clucky: he/him

03-02-2022 00:12:38 UTC


I get 3
brendan gets 1
tyguy gets 8
supernova gets 2
josh gets 2

That is already 80 shares

I worry a bit that someone could get the company budget back up and quicky end things before people have a chance to respond. Get the company value up past 1k again and even with current options, Brendan gets aother set of shares, Lendun gets 1, supernova gets 1 and jumble gets 1. There are the 100 shares. But people would also get more options. So like, it seems incredibly possible that if this passes at the right time if we’ve managed to right the ship enough this could end before everyone even has time to cash in their vested value.


03-02-2022 00:29:05 UTC

Buying a box is a Weekday action, so whomever gets us to 100 will be at most 1 box ahead, timing-wise. And we should all have time to buy at least a box or two.

Brendan: he/him

04-02-2022 03:38:21 UTC


Clucky: he/him

04-02-2022 07:30:55 UTC


Josh: he/they

04-02-2022 07:52:57 UTC


Zack: he/him

04-02-2022 20:55:53 UTC


Clucky: he/him

04-02-2022 21:04:21 UTC

for if Zack isn’t gonna vote on this might as well make my vote matter