Monday, November 24, 2008

Planting some seeds…

9:24 PM

Jason Smith attempted to sleep in the DDF HQ, after the midnight incident.  He had a hard time, though, as there were helicopters inside.

Meanwhile, in the Commander’s Office, Rodlen was surprised by a young DDF patrolman.

“Sir, there are black Shade helicopters outside, armed with machineguns!!!” said the patrolman.

Rodlen activated the alarm.  “Shade copters detected!!! Anti-air groups, prepare for combat!  Kalumson, strike with the Awesome Deathship!  You know, the one with the mess of skulls and stuff.”

Yeah, that one, with the wreckage and skulls.



25-11-2008 01:18:12 UTC

I think someone might be a little obsessed with helicopters. Rofflecopter.


25-11-2008 01:50:55 UTC