Tuesday, November 24, 2009

Proposal: Please don’t hate me, I’m new

Timed out and failed, six to two. Josh

Adminned at 25 Nov 2009 07:26:14 UTC

Amend section 2.5.1 “Basic Spells” to include the following text at the bottom:

The spell Melting Pot has “SOUP” as its Activation Sequence. Its Effect is “Choose two Target Apprentices. Targets shall have the values of their partner columns swapped. Targets’ former partners shall also have the values in THEIR partner columns swapped, so as to reflect the new partner pairs. These value changes have the effect of changing Partners. This spell shall not affect the partner status of the Artisan. This spell shall not make any Apprentice their own partner. This spell may leave one or more Apprentices without a partner.”



OK, let’s try this again. Provides for a method for changing partners. The unstable rune means that this shouldn’t be over-used. Incorporating Darth’s suggestion to allow for changing your own partner.

As an example:

Currently Hix and Darknight are partners, as are Wakukee and OddRon.

If he had the proper runes, Josh could cast Melting Pot with Hix and Wakukee as Targets. The result would be Hix partnered with OddRon and Wakukee partnered with Darknight.

Josh could not select Bucky or NoOneImportant as Targets, as that would change the status of the Artisan.



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11-24-2009 16:50:14 UTC

against Way too wordy.  Can’t you just say that they “become partners”?


11-24-2009 16:56:08 UTC

Sure, it may LOOK like I just didn’t realize that 2.8 covered the eventualities above, but in REALITY I’m just planning ahead for when people change the text in 2.8, so that THIS rule will still be coherent. Yeah, that’s the ticket.


11-24-2009 16:59:54 UTC

Also, this allows for switching with someone who doesn’t have a Partner… the “become partners” version would not allow for that.


11-24-2009 17:03:41 UTC

Josh could not select Bucky or NoOneImportant as Targets, as that would change the status of the Artisan.

Don’t tell me what I can’t do!

for  )


11-24-2009 17:23:01 UTC

imperial  I still think it’s too long. Also, everyone has to have a partner.


11-24-2009 17:31:56 UTC

against in favor of Darth Cliche’s version


11-24-2009 17:48:05 UTC

Boo… you just don’t want to be my partner, Bucky. *sob*


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CoV:  against