Sunday, February 04, 2024

Proposal: Poison Pill

Timed out, 2-2 with 1 DEF. Failed by JonathanDark.

Adminned at 07 Feb 2024 01:14:08 UTC

Add a new dynastic rule to the ruleset, called Timing Out:

Any Agent or Mainframe my remove this rule from the ruleset at any time.

If it is on or after Friday 9th February 2024 then any Agent or Mainframe may, as a one-time communal action, Shut Down, which is an atomic action with the following steps:
*Roll DICE5; the Agent whose name is at the position corresponding to the result of that roll in the following list {Desertfrog,JonathanDark,Josh,naught,Vovix} has achieved Victory;
*Make a post announcing the result of that roll and who has achieved Victory;
*Activate the Building Block rule Mantle Passing;
*Remove the first paragraph of this rule.

I’m not saying we can’t make a good dynasty from this position, but if we’re going to then we need to start making things happen.


Zack: he/him

04-02-2024 23:12:49 UTC

Just because you’re not doing things doesn’t mean things aren’t happening.

Josh: he/they

04-02-2024 23:30:43 UTC

Sure, in such case this proposal can fail, or the rule can be easily repealed using the built in fail safe.

Vovix: he/him

05-02-2024 01:00:11 UTC

Anti-idle comment

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

05-02-2024 07:33:18 UTC


Zack: he/him

05-02-2024 22:07:46 UTC



06-02-2024 07:43:47 UTC


Vovix: he/him

06-02-2024 08:17:06 UTC