Friday, September 19, 2008

Story Post: Pre-Dynasty round table chat

Ok guys, I figured before I start my dynasty I’d pass on what I want to do and what you guys think will help out. I want to base things off of the gameplay in the old moster rancher games on playstation, with just dragons. I was also thinking to have a tournament after a set time to find our next winner. The green background color has caused me some trouble with finding my mouse, with it always changing to type icon lol. I’d change that, the header and the veto icon but.. um… I have no clue how. Anything dragon theme would be cool.



09-19-2008 00:55:02 UTC

This comment is so I get comment e-mail alerts lol


09-19-2008 00:57:35 UTC

Do you want each player to have
A)One dragon
B)A fleet of dragons

Similarly do you want the players to act
2)in factions


09-19-2008 01:00:41 UTC

I was thinking one dragon to raise up before the tourny and i think acting alone is best but I’m open to any ideas you all have


09-19-2008 02:44:53 UTC

Should combat be
A)Strategic, interactive?
B)Strategic, non-interactive?
C)Nonstrategic, deterministic?
D)Nonstrategic, random?


09-19-2008 02:54:47 UTC

I think every player should be one Dragon. I don’t know if I like the idea of a tourney, though. A strategic model would be fun in my opinion.


09-19-2008 03:13:16 UTC

One dragon would make sense, we’d need an idea of statistics to track in the GDNT, using the monster rancher guidelines we’d have a set of jobs based of various stats that increase stats by a random amount, some jobs easier with lower gain, etc.

I would say instead of having a tournament at a set date, allow for each player to enter tournaments once per set time period, first to acheive S rank wins?


09-19-2008 03:22:08 UTC

Bucky, A.

I think attack,defense and health are needed stats for sure. I like amni’s idea on how to win but never hurts to hear from everyone.
Combat I think is gonna be a build as we go thing.


09-19-2008 03:28:42 UTC

Oh and for those not familiar with the Monster rancher games (or those that are and what a good laugh)  read this:


It’ll give you an idea of the system, as well as a fun story.


09-19-2008 03:33:34 UTC

I get a bad link.

I don’t want to base everything off of the games mind ya lol


09-19-2008 03:59:13 UTC

I’d like to suggest something based on the duelling rules from the First Dynasty of Rodlen. Each combatant secretly sends the Head Dragon a maneuver from a list.  Then either one of them loses directly (e.g. dive-bomb straight into a fireball) or the Head Dragon rolls DICE based off a maneuver-dependent stat.


09-19-2008 04:05:34 UTC Rancher/

My bad, first link was an accident ><


09-19-2008 04:20:26 UTC

amni, thats funny indeed.

And I think that would work bucky


09-19-2008 14:42:31 UTC

We could make use of the COLOUR roll in the GNDT, and different coloured dragons could have different properties.


09-19-2008 14:47:02 UTC

Do we have a list of all COLOURS in the GNDT?


09-19-2008 14:49:11 UTC

I was trying to look for one. Kevan should know.


09-19-2008 16:32:01 UTC

Could someone please unidle me?


09-19-2008 18:04:46 UTC

I too was planning on using the colour roll. On a side note, I forget how to unidle people. Can one of you guys get vos and spike unidle?


09-19-2008 18:06:03 UTC

I’ll prob post my AA later tonight after I get back home.


09-19-2008 18:42:05 UTC

I have unidled vostibackle and spikebrennan.


09-19-2008 20:24:29 UTC

Epic header.


09-19-2008 21:41:52 UTC



09-19-2008 22:06:58 UTC

If the idea of colored dragons is ok with people I’d suggest not having many different colors (something between 4 and 6 makes sense to me) and have each color have a specific benefit. Initially a player must pick one color and can’t change it, but there might be some way to change it (maybe a powerup?)


09-20-2008 00:20:47 UTC

Question: is the GNDT staying green?


09-20-2008 02:11:16 UTC

Can the GNDT go orange? And 4-6 colors sounds right. I’ll do a roll up for 5 colors. Love the site colors btw to whoever did them.


09-20-2008 02:33:53 UTC

The colors I got were purple, blue, green, silver and black. Feel free to change any lol.


09-20-2008 03:01:34 UTC

There’s also Magenta, Turquoise, Orange, Yellow, Red and White.


09-20-2008 03:04:10 UTC

Issue with site colors: the edit button doesn’t show up for posts, that’s gotta be a pain in the a$$ for admins. Can anyone make it grey , red or orange?


09-20-2008 03:12:14 UTC

wiki needs a slight update so my dynasty info gets saved lol


09-20-2008 07:15:05 UTC

I am the culprit for the first ‘greeny’ header and the second ‘black and orange theme’. I made the edit link white.

Tell me if this scheme is too dramatic.


09-20-2008 07:16:37 UTC

It looks great


09-20-2008 07:37:22 UTC

With the black background you’ll have no trouble finding your mouse cursor.


09-20-2008 07:39:42 UTC

lol thanks


09-20-2008 07:40:57 UTC

just need to change the veto icon now to something dragon theme