Monday, October 08, 2012

Story Post: Prefect Example

I’m appointing Josh as Prefect, since he wrote the proposal in the first place.  Keep in mind that abusing the position’s power to further your own goals at the expense of the dynasty WILL result in a lower grade.



09-10-2012 00:05:24 UTC

But I’m concerned with the “Set a random non-Idle Student’s Pen Colour to Blue.” because “If more than one Student is a Prefect, then all Blue pens are immediately replaced with Black ones.” both on Kevan’s Proposal.
This might have been a bad move for Josh, actually…


09-10-2012 00:09:12 UTC

I just see what you did, but are we going to discard the whole Proposal because of that?


09-10-2012 00:11:25 UTC

No - hopefully the useful bits will be reproposed.


09-10-2012 00:16:14 UTC

Hum… That still takes Kevan’s slot away; and what if it still passes?


09-10-2012 00:23:16 UTC

Don’t get me wrong, I’m just wondering if that’s really the way to go here. I mean, usually, the students have been trying to make their Proposals fit into each other (and incentivated to do so, in one way or another, by the rule COR). Wouldn’t this be a “bad conduct example” from the Professor?


09-10-2012 01:08:21 UTC

In this case, it’d be an example of taking care of rules-mandated duties before reading the proposal queue

Josh: Observer he/they

09-10-2012 08:19:24 UTC

Ice: my Pen is Purple, so it won’t trigger the double-prefect clause; I’ll simply become an Aesthete. I get screwed out of my prefecture, which is sad, but nevermind.

Kevan: he/him

09-10-2012 08:27:09 UTC

[IceFromHell] Josh has a Purple Pen, not a Blue one, and “Nobody’s Prefect” doesn’t do anything to convert his Pen. He’ll just be left with a meaningless Purple Pen if the proposal passes.


09-10-2012 21:46:52 UTC

Oh, I see. My bad, thanks for the info.