Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Proposal: Prefecture wrap-up

Quorums 1-4. — Quirck

Adminned at 16 Oct 2012 13:29:28 UTC

The previous Prefecture ended abnormally due to idling, so I can’t assign a grade.  The Prefecture before that was nullified due to a rules change, so no grade there either.

Next up in the Prefect rotation is Quirck, so I’m giving em a blue pen.


Josh: Observer he/they

16-10-2012 07:36:45 UTC

Not sure that this should be a proposal.  against, obvs.

Kevan: he/him

16-10-2012 19:26:04 UTC


quirck: he/him

16-10-2012 19:56:07 UTC

against It’s not a story post, so this blue pen is illegal. And i don’t wanna be the prefect…


16-10-2012 20:23:52 UTC

Just to end this.