Sunday, August 06, 2017

Proposal: Prisoner’s Dilemma Wincon

Reaches quorum against, 1-5. Failed by pokes.

Adminned at 07 Aug 2017 21:35:42 UTC

Create a rule called “Victory”, and within it add:

A CIC with at least 40 IEs and more IEs than any other CIC can enter a Treaty Meeting with another CIC by making a Story Post for this effect. Then, each CIC in the Meeting shall privately communicate to the UNSG if they either “Set up an Assassination” or “Sign the Treaty” within 48 hours, or default to “Sign the Treaty” if they don’t choose any option in that time. Once both CICs have communicated their choice among those options or have defaulted, the UNSG shall post a Resolution post in a timely fashion, which states what choice for the Meeting each CIC there has chosen.

- If both CICs have Signed the Treaty, the next dynasty shall be named after both of them, and both of the CICs have achieved Victory, as they achieve a Treaty to unite and end the war. When one of those CICs has a DoV which has passed, it recognizes victory to both of them instead of only one of them. However, only one of those CICs (chosen at random by the UNSG) shall gain the imperial mantle, which they can use to post an Ascension Address, or grant it to another CIC so that they can post an Ascension Address. CICs can only post an Ascension Address via this imperial mantle.

- If one CIC has Signed the Treaty but the other has Set up an Assassination, the CIC who has Set up an Assassination has achieved victory, as their nation takes over the other to become a superpower that wins the war.

- If both CICs have Set up an Assassination, neither can post a DoV in the next 96 hours (4 days) and lose 3 IEs, as they both simply violently and fruitlessly clash against each other.

Note that Dynastic Rules supersede Core Rules.

So, the Prisoners Dilemma matrix for this contains [win+1/2mantle][win+1/2mantle] or [win+1 mantle][nothing] or [screwed][screwed]



08-06-2017 12:16:32 UTC



08-06-2017 21:10:46 UTC

against Would be a more interesting dilemma if this had to be between the top two CICs, or something, rather than the top CIC and anyone they like (including a confederate who joins BlogNomic for this reason alone and takes no other game actions).


08-06-2017 22:38:52 UTC

I agree with Kevan here, It would make sense to me that both would be able to have the “international” recognition of the CICs in order for them to take it seriously.


08-06-2017 23:58:01 UTC

against CoV. All good points. I want to like it because of the theme.


08-07-2017 15:35:59 UTC

against This is a good basic idea, but it needs a stronger set of limitations on the partner.


08-07-2017 21:34:30 UTC

Doesn’t seem in terms of flavor.