Tuesday, May 17, 2011

Protosal: There‘s a river

If there exists a Rule entitled “Farmland” replace

Each Plot starts as a 6 by 6 grid of Squares.  Each Square start out empty.


Each Plot starts as a 6 by 6 grid of Squares, while the top row is known as the first and the bottom row is known as the last row. Similarly, the most left column is known as the first column while the most right is known as the last column. A square may be referenced at (C|R) while C and R are the columns and rows, respectively, starting to count from the first to the last, starting with 0.

Each Square start out empty, expect the squares (1|0), (1|1), (2|1), (2|2), (1|3), (1|4), (1|5), (3|3), (3|4) and (3|5), which contain water. These Water squares are represented with a lowercase “w”.

If there exists a Rule entitled “Floral Defences” and the Proposal “There are defences” was enacted, replace:

  • If the Square contains a Crop its Defence Value is minus its Shade.


  • If the Square contains a Crop and no water its Defence Value is minus its Shade.
  • If the Square contains Water and no Crop, its Defence Value is 2. For the purpose of swimming Zombies its Defence Value is -10
  • If the Square contains both Water and a Crop, its Defence Value is 2 minus its Shade. For the purpose of swimming Zombies its Defence Value is -10 plus its Shade.

We‘re kinda unlucky farmer, arent‘t we? Well, at least I hope we’ll lucky enough that some Farmer finds ways to plant “sea-roses” or sth. similar.

Note that for swimming Zombies on Crop+Water squares the Shade increases the defence instead of decreasing it.

PS: The river looks like this: http://paste.pocoo.org/show/390895/



05-17-2011 22:59:04 UTC

Just a proposal for so far. Maybe one rule “Water squares” would be easier in general…

@Swimming zombies: They should swim from the top to the down through our river and may attack plants on the river bank.


05-17-2011 23:59:04 UTC

Not a proposal


05-18-2011 00:30:46 UTC

@Winner: It says “Protosal”, so I don’t think it’s supposed to be one. Protosals are Proposal Prototypes, or Proto-Proposals. They are used to test the waters for an idea while allowing changed to be made before the actual Proposal is submitted. =)


05-18-2011 07:29:14 UTC

This looks to be in the correct format from a cursory glance, and you have a slot open, so I don’t see why you couldn’t have posted this as a proper proposal, rather than confuse part of the audience with a misleading title (that stopped being witty a couple of years ago). It’s not like we deduct points for failed proposals or anything.


05-18-2011 08:18:27 UTC

I still think the best way to test the waters is to just make an actual Proposal. Protosals only ever seem to get a few comments of feedback - I think the quieter players are intimidated (it’s much easier to vote on a Proposal than to join a discussion about how you’d vote on a hypothetical Proposal), and I’d guess a lot of the others find it hard to justify giving some of their limited gameplay time to “I’m maybe not going to propose this, but if I did propose it, what would you think?”

Proposals also keep the game moving - if a proposal looks popular, then other players can immediately start making water-based proposals (and if it looks unpopular, they can propose an alternative water system) rather than waiting for you to decide whether or not you want to actually propose your rule.


05-18-2011 13:33:29 UTC

Hm, I thought it couldn‘t be wrong to protose this first, but as no one seems to care for protosals, I‘ll create a proposal.


05-18-2011 16:38:00 UTC

BlogNomic is different from many other nomics in this respect. (In many places, protos are encouraged because it’s very rare for anyone, including experienced players, to get the wording of a complex proposal right first try. BlogNomic seems different, though.)