Monday, May 11, 2015

Declaration of Victory: Quantum Dessert

Reached quorum 4 votes to 0 after 12 hours with the Restaurant MAnager voting FOR. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 11 May 2015 22:15:04 UTC

Under the “Generous Tips” rule, each Cook has a number of a Customers affiliated to them, and a randomly-chosen Customer determines the dynasty’s winner. The number of Customers was either eight (five favouring me and three favouring Brendan) or six (five for me and one for Brendan) depending on whether Brendan’s most recent Soylent Xtreme recipe was legal. I’d questioned it here, but hadn’t yet had a response from Brendan.

But if we overlap the possible results there’s a fair chance that the legality wouldn’t make a difference anyway. So I rolled a quantum DICE24 to select a Customer from both sets simultaneously, stating that the result would be:

  • 1-15: Kevan wins whether or not Brendan’s Recipe was legal.
  • 16-20: Brendan wins if his Recipe was legal, otherwise Kevan wins.
  • 21-24: Brendan wins whether or not his Recipe was legal.

If I’d rolled in the middle band then we’d have to wait for a discussion or CfJ, but I rolled a 3. Whether or not Soylent Xtreme is a plausible Recipe, I have achieved victory.



05-11-2015 10:49:17 UTC

Hm, here’s my problem with the turn of events. I think everything was meant to be legal and even was legal, but as far as I can see the timing of events, I cannot be sure that you made the roll before or after you decided what outcome means what.

At 10:00:36 UTC, you made the comment which assigns dice numbers to victors.
At 10:01:57 UTC, you made the following comment, mentioning that you rolles a 3.
At 10:00 (UTC), see the lack of seconds, the GNDT logged the dice roll.

I don’t know how synchronous the clocks are running but even if they are synced, it seems possible(!) that you rolled the DICE24, copy&pasted; the prepared table for the result and posted the comment.

You probably did not do that. Is there a way to see the exact time of the GNDT log?

Does anyone else of the three of you even have a problem with this? I don’t want to be the stick in the, you know. :-)

Otherwise, I think this is legit.


05-11-2015 11:10:10 UTC

Sorry, good catch, that was thoughtless of me. It looks like the GNDT doesn’t store seconds at all.

If nobody takes a further GNDT action then a third party (which would have to be 75th Trombone, the server owner) could check the time that the blog.log file was most recently edited on the server. (I can currently see that it’s “2015-05-11 03:00:58.071119454”.)


05-11-2015 12:45:40 UTC

for Alas, the one flavor we did not quantify… was bitterness.


05-11-2015 13:25:03 UTC

for  I liked the theme mideg, even if I wasn’t quite a full time player til the end.


05-11-2015 21:08:21 UTC

I liked the theme, too, I am terribly sorry that I wasn’t involved enough to make it more fun.

Now, since the others seem not to mind the tiny improbable but possible discrepancy I pointed out, I will vote for