Tuesday, November 14, 2017

Proposal: Rename winning

1 to 5. Failed by derrick.

Adminned at 15 Nov 2017 21:50:59 UTC

Winning or achieving victory shall now be known as ascension.

It is the pinnacle of a Tesserers study to ascend and become one with the gods.



11-14-2017 11:34:31 UTC

A Proposal has to have distinct steps that an admin can take when enacting it (this is them ‘enacting’ the proposal), and then have no further effect after the steps are taken - something like this couldn’t be enacted by one person.

A proposal with the text “Replace ‘winning’ or ‘achieving victory’ with ‘ascension’ in the Ruleset” would allow the enacting admin to change the term in the Dynastic rules, but to change them in the core rules would require putting the [Core] tag in the title of the proposal.

Anyway, ‘Ascension’ is already a term in the ruleset, and ascending is something that a winning Tesserer already gets to do.


11-14-2017 11:51:37 UTC

A good way to easily know how to do proposals is to just copypasta the format other people have used.

I should make a newbie guide, hrm. Could be good.


11-14-2017 13:57:40 UTC

you mean a more in depth tutorial besides https://wiki.blognomic.com/index.php?title=New_Player_Guide ? that could be valuable.


11-14-2017 14:25:03 UTC

More like a practical one with sample proposals to copypasta (pretty much most of our proposals are pretty “templated” anyway, just the usual yadda yadda add this rule, or yadda yadda change this rule) and rules of thumb to win/scam (scams that involve “a [thing]” are pretty common, easily accepted and easy to find/perform).


11-14-2017 15:44:36 UTC

Additionally, as this does not change the rules text, it has no effect even if it passes.

Yes, we all made similar mistakes when we joined!


11-14-2017 18:17:32 UTC

against ah it’s 6hours old now


11-14-2017 19:48:32 UTC



11-14-2017 22:01:08 UTC



11-14-2017 22:41:09 UTC



11-15-2017 02:24:23 UTC

Oop’s my bad, oh well, gotta learn somehow.


11-15-2017 05:38:37 UTC