Wednesday, March 27, 2019

Story Post: Respawn #11

This day seemed especially long to the adventurers.

The first kill went to Derrick, who stabbed the strange man mumbling about death. Derrick claims they’ve been cursed, but then again, there was that strange incident yesterday, so who knows what’s going on.

Next, Naught takes their turn. They slay a bat and two cockroaches. Indeed, extermination work has become a rather respected job at this point due to the constant screeching.

Zaphod, moving back to the forest from the outpost, fights a mouse, but mangles the corpse so much that nothing can be salvaged. They also take down a spider and a bat.

For a good portion in the middle of the day, no adventurer could muster up the desire to do anything. It was only after the arrival of another adventurer that things picked up again. Card skips town and goes straight to the forest for boar hunting, then sets off to the ruin.

When the moon finally rises, the four adventurers make camp.

There are:

1 monster in the Overgrown Forest,
2 monsters in the Dank Cave,
5 monsters in the Labyrinthine Canyon,
no monsters on Shadow Mountain,
4 monsters in the Eldritch Ruin, and
1 monster in the Dragon’s Lair.



28-03-2019 04:46:23 UTC

I like these descriptions of what the adventurer’s did, good work.


28-03-2019 11:34:24 UTC

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