Saturday, March 30, 2019

Story Post: Respawn #12

The newcomer, Card, hunted first today, swiftly felling a bat and a boar, taking two wings and a tusk as a prize. It’s clear this isn’t their first time playing the grand game overhanging the universe’s existence. They camp in the Canyon.

Derrick, eager as always, rises next and slays a boar and two spiders. Neither of their prey are a match for the might of their advanced weapons. They meet up with Card and discuss their adventures around a campfire. Card shows Derrick a strange mirror he brought from his home.

Next, Naught ducks into the canyon, strikes down a spider and a cockroach. With a sigh, they grunt something about their unbelievably bad luck and spider silk. Wandering out of the canyon, Naught runs across a strange shambling monster and promptly stings it.

Pokes lays in bed at the inn with only 20 coins and a couple of bottles of cockroach shrieks to their name.

In the night, more of the same come out. Bats, Boars, and Spiders, mostly. But there’s also a goblin who gets hopelessly lost and finds himself in a cave with a terrifying dragon.

There are:

2 monsters in the Overgrown Forest,
4 monsters in the Dank Cave,
1 monster in the Labyrinthine Canyon,
1 monster on Shadow Mountain,
3 monsters in the Eldritch Ruin, and
2 monsters in the Dragon’s Lair.


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