Saturday, March 02, 2019

Story Post: Respawn #5

Zaphod returns to Town on the fifth day, dejected. Apparently Cockroaches are harder to kill than Boars. They become the first adventurer from the party to visit the weaponsmith.

Back in the wilds, the hunt continues. The newcomer to the party slays a bat to prove their worth, but no one is around to see it, so they scavenge alone. Pokes discovers the easiest way to kill cockroaches: crushing them. Naught “accidentally” murders a disabled goblin by tripping him.

The adventurers make camp, but monsters gather. The adventurers in the Cave attract another worm. A cockroach wanders into the canyon. A boar gets lost in the forest, and a bat flies to the mountain.

In the night, these new monsters, as well as the rest of the old cast, attack. Those in the Cave and the Canyon are hurt the most.


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