Thursday, March 07, 2019

Story Post: Respawn #6

Finally, one of the worms in the canyon has been slain. Adventurers pokes and derrick allegedly teamed up today against one, deafening it with captured shrieks and then strangling it. The two other adventurers in town listen to pokes tell the story and then each tell theirs. The three eventually drift off into sleep—the only place, it seems, not crawling with monsters.

That night, a spider crawls into the Canyon and yet more bats and goblins find their way to Shadow Mountain. You’d think that they would learn to stay away from the Adventurers’ stomping grounds.

Derrick and Rufio, the poor souls, being unable to make it back to town, are forced to sleep in the most monster-infested areas of the explored wilds. They both will wake up battered.


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