Sunday, March 10, 2019

Story Post: Respawn #7

A rather uneventful day passes. A goblin and a boar die and an attempt is made at another goblin’s life. The adventurers go to sleep that night knowing that any disembodied force that might be guiding their hunt would be displeased.

Yet another cockroach surfaces in the cave. Fortunately, no one is around for it to annoy with its screeching. A mouse of the strangest variety lights up the ruins.

When dawn breaks, three adventurers realize they haven’t set up camp and are therefore in for a rather unproductive day.


derrick: he/him

10-03-2019 21:49:47 UTC

As per the update in “Camping” this post should count how many monsters are in each location: 0 in the forest, 1 in the canyon, 1 in the ruin, 3 in the cave, and 3 on the mountain.