Sunday, May 03, 2015

Story Post: Review: Fusilis Tasting of Tastefull Tastes

Antonio Fusili came to the restaurant and tasted what was presented to him. First, he was pleased to invite his good friend, Mad-Tongue Moody, to review the restaurant again. He was quoted “grmbl” when asked if he expected a better result. Since all characteristics of him are well known to everyone, no Interview was given.

It was a pitty that Darknight had left hastily shortly before the review to wash his mouth with lots of water. The two other Entries were tasted by Fusili:
Kevan supplied “Pasta al pattino freddo” which was rated “* * + + -”. Everyone had the chance to taste its properties, which were: Sweetness 6 Sourness 1 Umami 9 Spicyness 5.
Right afterwards, Brendan’s “Cry for Help” was more or less ignored, rated with “* * + + -” and collectivly valued Sweetness 6 Sourness 1 Umami 10 Spicyness 3.

There was no Winner of the day since both Ratings were equal.


Darknight: HE/HIM

05-03-2015 23:50:27 UTC

well then, lets try again shall we?

“A Not So Friendly Sting”

Exploding Chair x1
The Bee x2
Shouting Man x1

Add one Exploding Chair
Sprinkle one layer of Bee
Add the bottom of one Shouting man
Garnish the top with another Bee

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-04-2015 18:08:46 UTC

“Bee Thermidor aux Bicyclettes”

The Bee x3
Girl on Bicycle x2
Shouting Man x1

Reduce three units of The Bee.
Use scissors to break up any lumps.
Chop in two units of Girl on Bicycle.
Use scissors again to break up lumps that form.
Garnish with Shouting Man.
Use scissors to trim away any loose ends.

Brendan: HE/HIM

05-04-2015 22:34:58 UTC

“Soylent XTREME”

Exploding Chair x100
Bee x1000
Girl On Bicycle x10000

1. Add 100 Exploding Chair!!
2. Add 1000 The Bee!!!
3. Add 10000 Girl On Bicycle!!!!
4. BLOW TORCH!!!!!!