Saturday, July 03, 2021

Story Post: Richardo’s Eleventh Expedition

Richardo stalks his way through the broken pews of the Cathedral, determined to once again engage with the evil forces that lurk beneath. The blood magic that has perverted the holy ground of the temple trickles a small amount of power to most Vampire Lords.

Once over the threshold of the crypt, Richardo immediately resolved to move North.

In Room BA, Richardo runs through the typically spotless room, but is arrested by the realisation that a new door has appeared in the east wall. After a quick anxious look, he decides to check it out.

He makes his way cautiously into the Broken Stage. A shattered music hall, this room is dominated by vast stone statues of long-forgotten musicians. Richardo edges through the room, stepping over broken ceiling beams and hunks of masonry. As he approaches the stage, a section of floor abruptly gives out, plunging Richardo into an undercroft - and viciously impaling him on a broken, jagged splint of torn metal. The injury is Grievous but Richardo manages to pull himself off the the shard of metal and resolves to continue, his energy not yet depleted. Laboriously, he pulls himself out of the broken hole, overlooked by the stern statues of the ancient musicians - one of which suddenly, abruptly moves, swinging a huge rock fist down on him as he is vulnerable. Unable to defend himself, Richardo catches the blow fully on his chest, smashing him back down into the cellar and dealing another four Slight Injuries in the process. He lays on his back for a full minute and then, with a visible “eff this”, decides to call it a day and retreats to recover from his wounds.

Stat changes:
Vampire Lord - Puissance - Influence
ais523 - 2 - 1
Brendan - 2 - 0
Chiiika - 4 - 15
Clucky - 2 - 0
Darknight - 1 - 0
Jason - 1 - 0
Jumble - 2 - 1
Kevan - 2 - 0
lemonfanta - 4 - 1
Phil - 1 - 0
Raven1207 - 2 - 0


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