Friday, July 09, 2021

Story Post: Richardo’s Thirteenth Expedition

Reinvigorated by his long rest, Richardo sets out again for the Crypt of Dracula. The Vampire Lords gain energy from his approach and their Sepulchres as always.

Starting from the Crypt Entrance, Richardo proceeds north.

In Room BA, Richardo takes a half-hearted swing at some of the cleaning creatures, to no avail. He sees that the chest that used to be here has returned, albeit somewhat shabbier, but ignores it for now. He proceeds east as the Crypt responds to his presence.

In the Broken Stage, Richardo finds that the hole in the floor that he fell through has mysteriously been repaired. He proceeds cautiously into the room, feeling like all of the statues are watching him. He is so hyper-aware of the statue monster that he fails to notice when a cornice from the balcony seating area slips away from its concrete fixing, and falls, inflicting a Grievous Injury to his shoulder. Once again, this is followed by a massive attack from the statue creature, which inflicts four light injuries on Richardo. He retreats to recover from his wounds.

Stat changes:
Vampire Lord - Puissance - Influence
ais523 - 2 - 1
Brendan - 2 - 1
Chiiika - 5 - 15
Clucky - 2 - 0
Darknight - 1 - 0
Jason - 1 - 1
Jumble - 3 - 1
Kevan - 4 - 1
lemonfanta - 6 - 1
Raven1207 - 1 - 0


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