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Proposal: Richardo’s Twelfth Expedition

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After his previous expedition, Richardo needed to heal both his wounds and his pride. Eventually, however, the darkness from the crypt once more impelled him into action.

In contrast, this expedition was much less humiliating, for being much more boring: Richardo moved from the Crypt Entrance to the Library of Souls. From the Library he tried to move into the Forgotten Corridor, but the enchantment on that room prevented him from progressing, so he moved back into the Library. From the Library he returned to the Crypt Entrance.

From the Crypt Entrance he moved north to Room BA, and, remembering the traumas of the Broken Stage, decided to move west instead.

However, because some time had passed, he had forgotten that the room to the west was the literal hell of the Burning Stream. He tried to withdraw, but a spit of flame caught his clothing, setting him alight and causing him Grievous Injury. Jumble’s glyph responded, feeding the Vampire Lord with a surge of power.

Stat updates:
Vampire Lord - Puissance - Influence
ais523 - 6 - 1
Brendan - 6 - 1
Chiiika - 8 - 1
Clucky - 6 - 0
Darknight - 2 - 0
Jason - 5 - 0
Jumble - 7 - 7
Kevan - 7 - 1
lemonfanta - 10 - 1
Phil - 5 - 0
Raven1207 - 6 - 0


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