Tuesday, June 11, 2024

Proposal: Rise of the Machines

Timed out, 2-3. Failed by JonathanDark.

Adminned at 13 Jun 2024 21:33:34 UTC

In the rule “Judging”, after the text “the Publisher should resolve all unresolved Creative Writings and make a Story Post called a Judging” add the following text:

, performing the Generate Filler atomic action for each Storyteller who did not submit a Creative Writing since the most recent Drawing

In the same rule, add a subrule named “Fillers” with the following text:

A Filler Template is the text “Write the next 5 to 100 words for a story using the words X that starts with the text Y”, where X is the contents of the Current Elements separated by commas (the Publisher may choose the Name of any entry of a Category Element) and Y is the last 3 sentences of The Story (or last 2 sentences and last incomplete sentence if The Story ends on an incomplete sentence).

Generate Filler is an atomic action with the following steps:
* Log in to ChatGPT at https://chatgpt.com/
* In the field to message ChatGPT, enter the Filler Template, substituting the values for X and Y as described in the Filler Template definition.
* Take the response from ChatGPT and privately track that as a Fragment as if it were received from a Storyteller from a successful Creative Writing since most recent Drawing, except that the author for that Fragment is tracked as ChatGPT. Multiple Fragments whose author is tracked as ChatGPT are allowed.

In the rule “Scoring”, after the text “if its author submitted a Scoring Response during the Judging” add “or if the author is ChatGPT”, and after the text “if its author did not submit a Scoring Response during the Judging” add “and its author is not ChatGPT”, and after the text “Add the Total Score for each Fragment in that Judging to the Points of the Storyteller who authored that Fragment” add “unless the author of that Fragment is ChatGPT”.

If Storytellers don’t get their Fragments in, ChatGPT takes over the missing ones and could potentially have written the Fragment that is added to The Story if one of its Fragments scores high enough. If everyone gets their Fragments in, there’s no change, and ChatGPT is thwarted.


Darknight: he/him

12-06-2024 02:14:01 UTC

against  against  against  against  against  against

Nad: he/him

12-06-2024 11:53:01 UTC

for a little machine vs human competition.  This might be interesting.

Nad: he/him

12-06-2024 11:58:43 UTC

I think having a larger group of fragments to score is better than a smaller set, even if they are “fake”

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

12-06-2024 14:27:18 UTC

@Darknight: note that as long as all Storytellers submit Fragments, there will never be an entry from ChatGPT per this proposed rule, so there is the incentive to make sure everyone submits a Fragment.


12-06-2024 16:02:25 UTC

against I think it’s funny, but it seems unnecessarily complicated for something that won’t even happen if everyone gets their Fragments in, which in my mind is the ideal scenario.

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

12-06-2024 16:28:04 UTC

True. I briefly considered making it an “always 1 extra” thing where there would always be a ChatGPT-created “fake” in the Judging, but that seemed too controversial.


13-06-2024 07:19:39 UTC