Thursday, February 01, 2024

Proposal: Risk & Reward

Times out 3-0 with _retro clause in effect, enacted by Zac.

Adminned at 04 Feb 2024 18:14:32 UTC

Create a new rule immediately after The Mainframe called “The Agency” as follows:

The Agency is a darknet organization that rewards cyber operatives for acting in its interests. These operatives are known as Agents.

Move the paragraphs starting with “The Mainframe shall assign each Agent an IP address” and “Each Agent has a number named CPU Cycles” to “The Agency”.

Add a subrule to “The Agency” called “Reputation” as follows:

Each Agent has a reputation score which defaults to 50. A more positive representation represents a higher standing in the eyes of the Agency. The Mainframe may freely tell an Agent their own reputation score.

The following actions impact an Agent’s reputation.
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Action || Change
| Creating a new Client || +5
| Downloading a file || +5
| Connecting to a Client for the first time || +10

As a Virtual Action, an Agent may spend reputation to redeem one of the following rewards:
{| class="wikitable sortable"
! Cost || Reward
| 2^N || (Where N is the Agent's current CPU cycles) <br/> Increase the Agent's CPU cycles by 1
| 50 || The Mainframe will secretly randomly reassign the Agent a new IP address

If the majority of EVCs voting FOR on this proposal include “_retro” then add the following to “Reputation”:

If they have not done so since the start of the Dynasty, the Mainframe may retroactively apply any reputation changes that would have been applied between the start of the dynasty and the enactment of the proposal “Risk & Reward”, then remove this sentence from the ruleset.

The Agency has asked me to remind you that it is not culpable for the activity of any independent operatives and accepts no legal liability for your behavior (in other words, don’t get caught).



02-02-2024 13:23:17 UTC

for _retro

Zack: he/him

02-02-2024 13:40:11 UTC

EAV for _retro

JonathanDark: Publisher he/him

02-02-2024 13:58:33 UTC

for _retro