Monday, April 27, 2015

Proposal: Russian Roulade

Passes 5-0. Enacted by Brendan.

Adminned at 29 Apr 2015 01:26:52 UTC

Enact a new rule “Tasting Contest”:-

Cooks occasionally challenge one another to gulp down mouthfuls of the bland and cryptically-labelled food products, to see if they can work out what they are.

If no Tasting post is active, any Cook may make a Tasting post with a subject line “Tasting: [Box]”, where “[Box]” is the name of a single randomly chosen Package (excluding those which the Manager has revealed the nature of in previous Tasting posts). Upon being posted, this post becomes active.

While a Tasting post is active, any Cook may send a private message to the Restaurant Manager stating what Ingredient they believe its Package corresponds to: this is known as their Best Guess for that post. If a Cook submits more than one private message in this way, only their most recent such message is their Best Guess for it.

If a Tasting post has been active for more than 48 hours, the Restaurant Manager may resolve it, applying and announcing one or more results as follows:

  • If any Best Guesses for this post correctly identified the Ingredient which corresponds to the post’s Package, the Manager shall reveal that Ingredient and give each Cook who made such a Best Guess 1 Award.
  • If the Ingredient that corresponds to the Package is Chilli Pepper, the Manager shall reveal this fact, and any Cook who made a Best Guess on this post is considered Absent for the purposes of the most recent Review: this fact should be noted in comments on the most recent Review. If a Cook is Absent for a Review, any Recipes they have posted to that Review are ignored.

The post then ceases to be active.



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