Monday, January 18, 2021

Schedule post 2021-01-18

We appear to be in a state of temporary quantum flux, brought about by subatomic entanglement between molecules on our dimension and those of the DEVA home dimension.

What we know for sure happened yesterday is this: the demonic DEVA CHARIZARD emerged from the portal, causing thunderstorms of acid rain to spontaneously break out over every major city on the planet. CHARIZARD started moving towards a Civilian target and is expected to reach it at 23h56 today. The newly detected DEVA CATERPIE has taken its place in the gestation chamber of the breach.

We also know that CHARMELEON has shaken off its stun and is moving against the location of Pilot Bucky. It will complete its preparation steps today and will enact its attack tomorrow.

The uncertainty around Bogey BLASTOISE surrounds its quantum position. Either it was destroyed yesterday at 13h01 by Pilot Bucky, or it will be attacked today at 13h20 by Pilot Bucky. It is currently not possible to determine which of these outcomes will turn out to be correct but we hope that the temporal field will have collapsed by this time tomorrow.



18-01-2021 16:57:17 UTC

at 19:00 on January 19th, I will fire upon CHARIZARD on attack vector 12 as a bombardment spending all my remaining Power. (this puts my Shell in a known state regardless of the CfJ outcome.)