Friday, April 14, 2017

Story Post: Second player auction: Colette Boulette

Name: Colette Boulette
Level: 13
Favorite Fruit: Strawberry
Country: Pays-Loups Nord
Bio: Colette’s grandfather was a Bloggsball star in the 1960’s. Doesn’t particularly care for the game, but their family naturally has high expectations.



04-14-2017 20:28:21 UTC

I bid $40,000.


04-14-2017 20:40:27 UTC

I bid $60,000


04-14-2017 21:35:57 UTC

I feel really nervous picking a starting cash amount before more rules are in place! And yet this really pushes us to pick amounts! Is that intentional?


04-14-2017 22:02:37 UTC

Sorry, only sort of intentional. I’ll hold off for a little while, but I thought I’d offer a small handful of players for people who want to take a risk early and establish baseline prices.


04-15-2017 12:25:23 UTC

I wonder if cash itself becomes fool’s gold lol. Sharing the underdog position seems to be a great deal right now, since voting power is strictly more powerful than mechanics.


04-15-2017 21:44:07 UTC

This auction is closed. card employs Colette for $60,000.