Friday, October 10, 2014


E shoots…



10-10-2014 03:17:39 UTC

As the Shooting Player, I rolled DICE5:5.


10-10-2014 03:20:41 UTC

As a non-assisting Defense Player, I rolled DICE6:3.

Honestly, I didn’t think of this until about an hour ago. Not sure if it worked, but I figured I had to try…


10-10-2014 03:22:26 UTC

I’ll note that, even if this worked (i.e. if the above is two Plays), only one person has made a Play.


10-10-2014 04:00:49 UTC

As an Assisting Player, I rolled DICE15:2.


10-10-2014 05:08:45 UTC

How can you shoot? The rule says “The offense Player who has the Ball may Shoot” and you are neither an offense Player nor a player who has the Ball. (You might claim that the phrasing implies that any Player with the ball is an offence player while they have the ball, but you definitely passed the ball before attempting to shoot.)


10-10-2014 05:09:35 UTC

Oh nevermind, I didn’t read the GNDT correctly.


10-10-2014 05:12:52 UTC

However, the rules state “When a Player Kicks the Ball, if they are not the Goalkeeper, they may update the GNDT to make themselves Assisting, when transferring its ownership.” Therefore, there was never a time when you were a non-assisting defense player, despite how it looked in the GNDT.


10-10-2014 05:15:56 UTC

I was a non-assisting defense player after I changed my shirt, while I still had the ball, before I kicked the ball to you.


10-10-2014 05:17:38 UTC

Also, the shirt change was illegal because the ball never went out of play.


10-10-2014 05:18:07 UTC

wait, again, nevermind, i can’t read


10-10-2014 05:27:31 UTC

Heh, I guess you saw the same other scam I did? I was hoping you might kick the ball out of play, so that I could potentially have a chance to try to trade shirts with you and get a ‘Quadruple Play’.


10-10-2014 12:24:46 UTC

As the Goalkeeper, I rolled DICE40:22.


10-10-2014 14:09:22 UTC

after the sparks have cooled down, it would be great if someone could explain this to me… :D


10-10-2014 18:09:08 UTC

Note that, if Eritivus’ shirt change is legal, all of his rolls count on both sides because he’s both the shooter and a defensive player.


10-10-2014 18:09:53 UTC

I mean, if it’s both legal and counts for letting him roll for defense.


11-10-2014 01:51:11 UTC

Pretty sure the shirt change was legal—O/D balance went from 6/3 to 5/4.

I did kind of expect a CfJ, though. I didn’t expect to agree with any such CfJ, of course, or I wouldn’t have tried it.

ayesdeeef, do you understand now?


11-10-2014 02:15:59 UTC

Step 1: Eritivus, as an offense player (shirt 67), shoots.

Step 2: Eritivus changes his shirt to #33. The rules don’t actually take the ball from the shooting player until the shooting post is closed, so he is a non-assisting defense player.

Step 3: Eritivus successfully kicks the ball and becomes an assisting player.


14-10-2014 02:42:12 UTC

The post isn’t closed yet and Sylphrena has had the ball for 72 hours, so I took it and kicked to Doctor29. If I read the rules right, I’m allowed to add my DICE15:7 to the pool as an assisting player.


15-10-2014 18:49:31 UTC

Offense: 14
Defense: 25
Sylphrena and Eritivus may each collect one score.

Sorry for the delay. I will vote for on the the corresponding Proposal.


15-10-2014 21:22:28 UTC

Out of curiosity, if Offense had one, E still would have gained exactly one score due to “The set of players whose rolls contributed to the larger sum all receive one score.” and E would be one player of that set of players.