Friday, March 15, 2019

Proposal: Spelling Bee

Times out, 2-0. Enacted by pokes.

Adminned at 17 Mar 2019 20:14:37 UTC

Create a new section of the Ruleset titled “Spells” with the following text:

The [[Spellbook]] page is ordained for Spell tracking.
In the Spellbook, there is a list of Spells. Each Spell has a name, a level which is a positive integer, a Casting Cost (CC) which is a positive integer, and zero or more modifiers. Spells in this list are always arranged in ascending order of level. The Spellbook also contains a list of each Adventurer and their known Spells.
Spells cannot have an Attack Power or Scavenging Power.
At any time, an Adventurer in the Town may spend 2 AP to add a Spell to their known Spells if their Magic is equal to or greater than that Spell’s level.
At any time, an Adventurer may select one of their known Spells and spend a number of AP equal to its casting cost to Cast the spell, applying all effects described in the Spell’s modifiers.

Add a new page to the Wiki called “Spellbook” with the following text:

== Known Spells by Adventurer ==
Oracular rufio:
== List of Spells ==
=== Brain Boost—Level 1—CC 1===
*If you gained Experience from Supporting one or more of another Adventurers’ successful Hunts since the last Respawn, increase your Experience by the amount you gained from Supporting one of those Hunts.

=== Siren Call—Level 2—CC 2 ===
*Establish the Pool as the set of all monster types from those in the List of Monsters whose Ecology matches your Location. Randomly choose a monster type from the Pool with the probability for each being that type’s frequency over the sum of all type’s frequency. Add a Monster of that type to your Location.

=== Mystical Amphetamines—Level 3—CC 0 ===
*Decrease your health by 6 and increase your AP by 2
*Cannot be used by an Adventurer with 0 AP


Spells return, but without Scavenging Power and a smaller starting set.



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