Thursday, March 11, 2010

Proposal: Steamwagons

Reached quorum 9 votes to 1. Enacted by Kevan.

Adminned at 12 Mar 2010 02:50:27 UTC

If the Proposal titled “Proposal: All England was divided into 39 parts…” failed, this Proposal does nothing.

Add a new rule to the ruleset, entitled Trade Routes:

As a weekly action, the Mad Prince can set the trade routes. In order to do so, they must roll 14 different DICE39 in the GNDT.

Each County, as listed in the rule entitled “You can run, but you can’t hide,” corresponds with a number from the diceroll results, with 1 corresponding to the first item on the list and proceeding in alphabetical order. The output of these rolls, without having their order changed, comprise the start and end points of seven trade routes, one for each resource (the first number being the start point of the Iron trade point, the second being the end; the third being the start of the Wood route, the fourth being the end; and so on in the same fashion for Quicksilver, Caffeine, Cogs, Gems, and finally Coal). The Trade Route for each resource starts from the County designated as its start point and takes the shortest route (defined as the route that passes through the smallest number of counties) to the County designated as its end point. If there are multiple routes that tie for the shortest route then the Mad Prince may pick one of his chosing. The seven trade routes have their routes, including the start point, all intermediary Counties and the end point, tracked on a wiki page entitled [[Trade Routes]] (a page which should only be updated by the Mad Prince in accordance with this rule). Note that a County may be the start point, end point, or an intermediary county for multiple trade routes, and may be both the start and end point for and entire trade route (in which case no modifier to Scavenging results is conferred).

Any Commoner occupying a County that is the start point of a Trade Route may not claim the Resource of that Trade Route when Scavenging.

Any Commoner occupying a County that is an intermediary County for a Trade Route gets a 50% bonus (rounded down) to their Scavenging results for the Resource of that Trade Route.

Any Commoner occupying a County that is the end point of a Trade Route gains double the expected amount of the Resource of that Trade Route if it is chosen while Scavenging.

These bonuses are not cumulative with the bonuses granted to Commoners with a Dirigible-type workshop. These Commoners may chose which bonus to apply to their Scavenging.

Add a new subrule to rule 2.2, entitled Steamwagon:

Cost: 10 Iron, 2 Cog, 2 Quicksilver     Power Requirement: 5
A Commoner with an invention including a Steamwagon attached to their Workshop may, as a weekly action, swap up to 15 of any one of their non-Coal Resources for an equal number of any other Resource, so long as the Trade Route of the Resource selected for swap starts, ends or passes through a County that neighbours the Commoner’s current County.

If I repropose the Stronghold workshop it’ll interplay with this.



03-11-2010 17:20:58 UTC

Hm, I like this idea, but I do not know whether the last paragraph is well written: To which Resource does “of the Resource selected” reffer? The Resource, which I had before, or the “new” Resource?


03-11-2010 17:27:40 UTC

for OK, so this is effectively producing variance in which Counties produce what Resources by generating them at random, in a moderately complex manner. This is one of those Agoran-style rules; a long and complicated rule, but which produces relatively simple effects. (Maybe I should add a summary on the wiki page in question as to what effects it has.)


03-11-2010 18:31:05 UTC

@Keba - “the Resource selected for swap” - so, the Resource you started with.


03-11-2010 20:18:53 UTC

Ah, ok. So for


03-12-2010 01:38:34 UTC

imperial  More giant proposals. They shall be destroyed someday.


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03-12-2010 03:40:40 UTC

for Lol @ the GNDT spam (14 DICE39!!! Per week!!!) =D
Although I understand that the trade routes don’t /have/ to change every week. =P


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