Sunday, January 28, 2018

Supply Crate #5

Torchlight flashes across the grimy lobby doors one evening, and a new crate is delivered:

Fuelcan • Kindling • Backpack • Lockbox • Lockbox Key • Food • Can Opener • Airhorn

Cuddlebeam spies the lights of the truck long ahead of everyone else, but an overcaffeinated PineTreeQ races down the stairs to arrive in the lobby at the same instant.



01-28-2018 22:55:17 UTC

I grab a backpack and swing it over my shoulders.


01-29-2018 03:22:04 UTC

I take a Kindling, and fire up PineTreeQ and me.


01-29-2018 12:17:11 UTC

I take the Fuelcan.


01-29-2018 15:44:26 UTC

I take the Lockbox. box boys on tour


01-29-2018 19:04:30 UTC

I take the Lockbox Key.


01-29-2018 21:16:28 UTC

I take the can opener, discard the crate and take the fibreboard.

Finally I get something useful :D.


01-29-2018 21:23:43 UTC

What if I put the Backpack into one of its own slots


01-29-2018 21:54:49 UTC

You wouldn’t be able to interact with it rendering the backpack useless; however it would cease to be in your hands slot.


01-29-2018 21:58:49 UTC

Yep lol


01-29-2018 22:01:48 UTC

LOL… That would also mean the backpack doesn’t appear in the GDNT, so it would be hidden inside itself.


01-29-2018 22:08:04 UTC

You could put two backpacks each inside the other. You could have loops of backpacks.


01-29-2018 22:13:32 UTC

Wouldn’t that also mean the backpack slot tracking the backpack becomes an orphan variable ? Which in turn would mean you could no longer remove the backpack form that slot because you can’t take actions that are continent on an orphan variable ?