Wednesday, May 25, 2011

Proposal: The Bribe

Reaches quorum and passes 11-1.

Adminned at 27 May 2011 00:01:28 UTC

Add the following rule to the ruleset, entitled Incentives:

Whenever a proposal is enacted, the Farmer who proposed it gains 5 Sun.

If more than half of the EVCs on this proposal contain the text “Wake up admins” then add the following to the end of the newly created rule:

Whenever a proposal is enacted or failed, the admin processing it gains 1 Sun, unless the proposal is 3 days old or older, in which case all active admins lose 1 Sun.



05-25-2011 08:09:32 UTC

for Let them sleep

Josh: HE/HIM

05-25-2011 08:10:27 UTC

for Wake up admins


05-25-2011 08:47:55 UTC


Kevan: HE/HIM

05-25-2011 09:47:00 UTC

for Doesn’t the EVC clause mean that three-day-old proposals are less likely to be enacted, though?

Josh: HE/HIM

05-25-2011 10:00:48 UTC

Don’t think so Kevan, as they have to be enacted eventually and the penalty isn’t going anywhere.


05-25-2011 10:11:17 UTC



05-25-2011 10:14:15 UTC

Actually if a proposal is left unenacted for 7 days, it’s ignored for the purposes of calculating the oldest pending proposal. You could leave one for months if you wanted.

Josh: HE/HIM

05-25-2011 10:32:24 UTC

What? That’s bananas. It means that the admins can effectively pocket-veto any proposal they don’t like.

I doubt it would actually happen, especially given that the 11 currently active admins could just vote any proposal they didn’t like down anyway, but still.

Kevan: HE/HIM

05-25-2011 11:01:48 UTC

That clause is mostly there because Ais523 was concerned that if a proposal was somehow incorrectly adminned, it would render every single later proposal illegal. I can’t see that it’s usefully abusable; if all the admins are working against a majority, then a quick CfJ would put them in their place.

Admins can avoid the Sun penalty by having zero Sun when they process an old proposal, so there would be a very tiny braking effect. Although actually, I’d be more concerned about the admin overhead; failing a three-day-old proposal is easy, but failing it and then updating the GNDT eleven times requires more time.

Josh: HE/HIM

05-25-2011 11:05:24 UTC

It would be easier if the GNDT could do batch updates, I guess, but sometimes the admin’s life is one of toil - it’s no different from having to initialise a new GNDT stat. Perhaps that can act as an additional incentive to admins to make sure that proposals get dealt with in a timely fashion?


05-25-2011 11:18:00 UTC

imperial The problem lately (this and the preceding three or so dynasties) hasn’t been that admins are too slow to resolve proposals, but that it’s too hard to reach quorum. If half of the proposals time out before they can be resolved, then obviously the sidebar’s going to look a bit red now and again.


05-25-2011 12:45:59 UTC



05-25-2011 13:40:39 UTC

for without the EVC clause.


05-25-2011 15:12:33 UTC

for As Ely said, Let them sleep

Darknight: HE/HIM

05-26-2011 03:37:17 UTC



05-26-2011 11:13:40 UTC

Let them sleep.  Giving admins special treatment strikes me as being broken.


05-26-2011 13:32:24 UTC

for But leave the admins asleep